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M22 Enduro by MSA Wheels

M22 Enduro Wheel

Size does matter. Apparently the O.E. Manufacturers are catching on to a growing trend of larger tires, larger wheels and more performance. Polaris just released the XP1K with stock 29” tires so who knows what the immediate future holds for the rest of the pack, as a fleet of 2014 models are slated to be released. What is obvious is that your UTV is no longer limited to 25” tires and 12” wheels. You have options and MSA knows you want more of them. Always the first to push the envelope of styling, functionality, performance, and now size, MSA wheels is proud to introduce the all-new M22 Enduro. The M22 Enduro is MSA Wheels latest addition to a growing line of custom ATV and UTV wheels. Available in both 15” and a gigantic 16” option, this wheel is a compliment to any machine with any color theme.

The M22 Enduro wheel features an industry first two-color finish that MSA Wheels is calling Dark Tint. The wheel is first painted with a thick coat of gloss black automotive grade paint before it hits the CNC machine, where each wheel undergoes a series of machining steps to highlight the face of the wheel. After the CNC process is completed, each wheel is covered in a thick coat of “dark tint”, leaving the machined areas of the wheel face an incredible dark aluminum color. MSA recently released the M21 Lok wheel with a “gunmetal” finish. The M22 Enduro has twice the tint in the clear coat in comparison to the M21 Lok, making this an incredible new finish that literally changes depth depending on the light source.

The M22 Enduro is only available via your local dealer so check with them for availability, pricing and customization. Concerned about the warranty of any MSA wheel? Not to worry, they have a full lifetime structural warranty on all of their wheels. You bend it, break it or crack it, they replace it.

The M22 Enduro is available in the following sizes:

15×7” with a +15mm offset

16×7” with a +15mm offset

Available Fitments:
4×110 (15” only) | 4×115 (15” only) | 4×137 | 4×156

Get your hands on a set of M22 Enduro wheels by visiting your local dealer and demanding a set or call the guys over at MSA: (800) 734-4890 or online:

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