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King’s Coilpass Shock handles both suspension and damping in one package

The King, Coilpass shock, is another prime example of King’s ability to conceive and build shocks to fit your application no matter what the design parameters are. The Coilpass shock is used as a primary suspension member to carry the weight of the vehicle and maintain ride height while providing precise adjustability and the high quality ride characteristics King is famous for. It gives you the same performance as a traditional dual shock set-up but with greater simplicity and less weight. The Coilpass also conforms to single shock per wheel rules mandated in certain racing classes. The King Coilpass may look exotic but it uses the same time tested components as the rest of our shock line. This unique design can be built in a dual piston configuration offering both inertia and position sensitive damping in one package. Let King’s engineering prowess and depth of knowledge provide creative solutions to your suspension design challenges. Nothing rides like a King.


  • 100% made in the USA under the strictest tolerances from the highest quality materials obtainable. Easily tunable and serviceable with simple hand tools.
    Lightweight hard anodized 6061 aluminum alloy reservoirs dissipate heat quickly and will not rust due to gas charging contamination. Aluminum components are machined from aircraft quality billet.
  • Shock bodies are precision bored to within +/- .001 to ensure a tight piston seal. We then take the time to hone the bodies after cadmium plating to remove buildup for precise piston sealing and optimum valving function. Coilpass shock bodies are machined with our own truncated thread design for ultimate strength and trouble free spring adjustments.
    High quality fittings are mated to Aeroquip high pressure hoses, when remote reservoirs are used, which resist abrasion and allow a tighter bend radius without kinking like braided stainless lines do.
  • Steel Teflon lined spherical bearings for smooth articulation and long life with no metal to metal contact.
  • Special long wearing urethane seals and wiper have been tested on 18 wheelers for 450,000 miles without a failure.
  • Heat treated stainless alloy valve shims have a unique grain structure that does not fracture and remains stable at high temperatures to maintain consistent valve function.
  • Wear bands are made from an exclusive Teflon bronze composite that wears longer than any other material available. The same material is used on beds and ways of precision cnc machines.
  • The heat treated 6061 aluminum alloy piston has our highly developed port configurations that contribute to the unique damping performance and famous King ride quality.

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