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King Shocks releases a revolutionary new internal bypass shock (IBP)

King Shocks has a brand new design that packs the versatility and control of a bypass shock in a compact durable package. The Internal Bypass (IBP) has both velocity and position sensitive valving in a unique dual piston, monotube design. The secondary valving allows fluid to bypass the primary piston through ports into the hollow shaft. As the shaft moves into the shock body it engages a tapered metering rod that closes the secondary ports forcing the fluid entirely through the primary valving. 
The IBP gives you a supple ride at slower speeds on pavement or smooth dirt and progressively firmer damping without bottoming out when you’re hitting larger bumps at higher speeds. With no external bypass tubes to get in the way you can mount a larger diameter shock in tight confines like production based trucks and SUV’s. The larger the pistons diameter, the greater damping force it can generate. The IBP can be built in a smooth body style for cars with existing springs or as a coilover to suspend the vehicle and provide damping.  The IBP is another example of King Shock’s constant efforts to provide you with the most durable and best performing products available. Nothing rides like a King.
The King, IBP internal bypass shock will be available for 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, OEM performance series and UTV applications. 

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