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JRi Shocks offering three-way Adjustable Upgrade Kit for Wildcat and Wildcat Sport Models

JRi Shocks three-way adjustable shocks

Mooresville, NC 12/4/14 – Wildcat enthusiasts have something new to be excited about. JRi Shocks has released a new upgrade kit for 2015 Wildcat and Wildcat Sport models featuring JRi’s ECX 1 single adjustable shocks. This new upgrade kit converts the factory installed single adjustable shocks to a more versatile three-way adjustable shock package. The upgraded ECX 3 features adjustment for high and low speed compression as well as rebound.

Customers can send their existing ECX-1 shocks back to JRi for the upgrade installation and have their single adjustable shocks converted to three-way adjustable for a fraction of the cost of a set of new three-way adjustable shocks.

The upgrade kit features a new crossover and two speed compression adjuster while retaining the same shock body and factory installed spring.

For owners of pre 2015 Wildcat models, JRi is offering a discounted price on its three-way adjustable shock package. Owners of Wildcat 1000 model years 2012 – 2014 and even 2015 Limited Edition and Sport Limited owners can now purchase a complete JRi ECX 3, three-way adjustable package.

JRi ECX 3 Wildcat 1000 shocks feature 2.0” bodies with 2.5” piggyback reservoirs and 5/8” shafts on the front and 2.5” bodies with 2.5” reservoirs and 7/8” shafts on the rear.

The Sport Limited system features 2.0” bodies with 2.5” piggyback reservoirs and 5/8” shafts all the way around.

“We’re incredibly excited to offer this affordable upgrade option to Wildcat owners, regardless of which platform they drive,” said Tony Cuva, Offroad Marketing Manager for JRi Shocks. “The factory installed ECX 1’s are more than sufficient for a lot of people but many users want that extra range of adjustment and now they can have it at an incredibly low price.”


  • 2015 Wildcat 1000 ECX 3 Upgrade Kit (all four shocks) $1495
  • 2015 Wildcat Sport ECX 3 Upgrade Kit (all four shocks) $1295 
  • 2012-2014 Wildcat ECX 3 (all four shocks) $2500 
  • 2015 Wildcat Sport Limited ECX 3 (all four shocks) $1995

For more info or to place an order for any of the Wildcat Platforms, contact Tony Cuva at 704-660-8346 or visit them online at or on Facebook at

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