John Deere

John Deere R-Gator

John Deere R-Gator

John Deere R-Gator
Military R-Gator – Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Advanced Robotics ready now

Instead of idling on a drawing board, this reliable commercial-off-the-shelf autonomous platform can lighten the war fighter’s load, act as a resupply mechanism or fill a variety of current or future potential roles in theater or garrison.

Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Chassis

Unlike some comparable UGVs, The R-Gator is built on the foundation of a production utility vehicle, the M-Gator™ A2, already in service with the military. This means parts and service are easy to source.

Manual or Autonomous Operation

The R-Gator offers the force-multiplying flexibility of shifting between autonomous and manually driven modes at the flip of a switch. So it can perform even more missions than a purely autonomous vehicle.

Simple Remote Operation

The R-Gator can be operated by a videogame controller, and employs an onscreen videogame-like interface instantly familiar to today’s war fighters. A first-timer user can literally be up and running in minutes

Choice of Autonomous Modes

You can choose from direct or camera tele-operation, program the R-Gator to follow a path using GPS coordinates, or use a teach-and-playback mode, where the vehicle records a route to follow in the future as is being driven.

Advanced Obstacle Avoidance Technology

The R-Gator can find its own way across terrain, using sensors and algorithms to recognize and react to moving obstacles, stationary obstacles and negative obstacles such as a hole, craters or drop-offs.

Comprehensive Sensor Options

The R-Gator offers video transmission and capture with two standard fixed wide-angle cameras, a color pan/tilt/zoom camera and an infrared camera. It can be upgraded with higher resolution or thermal cameras, and audio capture systems as well.

High Payload Capacity

The R-Gator can carry large mission-specific payloads and includes fold-down cargo bed for awkward cargo or CASEVAC.

EZ-Lift Option

A EZ-Lift Cargo System can be added to the R-Gator to deploy cargo, smaller ‘bots’ or other payloads remotely.


  • 32 mph (51/km/h) top speed
  • Independent front and rear suspension
  • High ground clearance or offroad travel
  • On-demand true 4WD Uses diesel/JP8 fuel

John Deere R-Gator Military Vehicle from Deja View Media on Vimeo.

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