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Honda Talon I-4WD Front Differential Demonstration

Honda Talon 1000X

Honda Talon is now available in both two- and four-seat models. Both share the same powerful, Talon-specific high-output engine, quick-shifting Automatic DCT Transmission, and exclusive I-4WD technology.

The front differential on the Talon 1000 uses a system Honda calls I-4WD. When the system senses one wheel spinning, it automatically applies the brake in a pulsing mode to that side and pushes 4-times more power to the side that has traction. It is different than any other UTV, but Honda uses this technology for their on-road SUVs. The system is all automatic for the driver, so no buttons to push to activate.

Check out this awesome demonstration of the Honda Talon front differential in action. Three tires are on rollers and spin freely and the other (driver/front) has a 45 degree ramp to climb.

Without a front differential locker or some sort of limited slip, it is much tougher to navigate tough obstacles while rock crawling for example.

While the Honda I-4WD system isn’t a full differential locker, it is all automatic, so the driver doesn’t have to lock/unlock and steering movement is not impacted because the front end isn’t actually locked.

Honda Talon 1000R

Rock Crawling with the Honda Talon 1000R and Testing the I-4WD System

There are pros and cons to every front-differential system found in UTVs today. The Honda I-4wd system performs similar to the Polaris system, although how it works is completely different. Some people prefer an actual front locker where the front diff is fully locked and both front axles move at the same rate.  The advantage to a full locker is you get the same traction on both front tires.  But that comes at a cost – harder steering and engaging and disengaging takes input from the driver. It seems everyone has a preference, but the good news is the Honda Talon I-4WD system works as advertised and you can rock crawl with it.

More Details on the Honda Talon I-4WD System:

Honda Talon 1000R Rock Crawling Review

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