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Holz/Kroyer Racing Engines Polaris Stage 3 Kit Now Available

Bolt On 70-Horsepower on Pump Gas for Your Polaris RZR

Lynden, WA (August 19, 2009) Unlock the power potential of your Polaris RZR/S with the all-new Kroyer Racing Engines Motor packages offered by Holz Racing Products. Experience race proven performance and pump gas reliability with no loss of drivability.

The Kroyer Stage 3 motor kit just might be the most complete engine kit available for the Polaris RZR. Starting with the ported head that has been expertly machined on a 5 axis CNC and outfitted with oversize valves and springs – the head sits atop a Big-Bore Cylinder with matching 11:1 compression pistons. The cylinder also has been CNC bored and coated with Nickel Silicon Carbide cylinder coating (Nikasil). Complementing the ported head and larger valves is a billet CNC machined Hi-Lift/Duration Cam with stout chromoly push rods and hydraulic lifters. Fuel is fed through a 46mm bored throttle body and a billet aluminum intake manifold. Also included is a new adjustable PRV (oil pressure relief valve), which will help ensure that your new motor parts are bathed regularly in Joe Gibbs Racing oil. Topping it all off is a gasket kit, clutch kit, ECU ignition upgrade, break-in oil and filter, and new iridium spark plugs.

The Stage 2 kit is nearly identical to the Stage 3 kit, with the exception of its bore size. The Stage 2 kit utilizes the stock cylinder/bore and includes a pair of stock bore (80 mm) 11:1 pistons.

Also available is the Muzzys Performance Stainless Dual Exhaust System. Coupled with the Kroyer motor kit, the Muzzys exhaust gained an additional 7 HP over the stock RZR-S exhaust, just cresting the 70hp mark for crank HP. (See Dyno chart for comparison)

With impressive dyno results, easy to use reliable power and a proven track record, The Kroyer motor kits from Holz are enough to make a die-hard turbo guy sweat.

Each kit was designed and built for the ‘regular’ guy. While the Kroyer motor has proven to be very competitive on the racetrack, it hasn’t lost the simplicity and durability that you get with a pump gas, natural aspirated motor. Holz and Kroyer have addressed every variable so that there is no guesswork involved. We’ve calibrated the fuel, timing and clutching for you. Follow the detailed instructions included in the kit; forget the guesswork and experience hassle free power from Kroyer Racing Engines and Holz Racing Products.

The Kroyer Racing Engines Stage 3 and 2 Kits were developed by Kroyer Racing Engines and are distributed solely by Holz Racing Products. Both Kits are in stock now and ready to ship. Visit today and experience incredible bolt-on performance from your Polaris RZR/RZR-S with the Kroyer Racing Engines Stage 3 and Stage 2 Kits. MSRP: $3,750/$3,250. For technical assistance call a Holz Racing Products technician at 360-398-7006.

About Holz Racing Products:

For the past 10 years, Holz Racing Products has engineered and extreme tested the finest quality, most effective performance parts available for UTV, ATV and snowmobile applications. Manufactured in the USA and race tested around the world, HRP leads the field in Polaris RZR accessories and performance products. For more information visit their website at or call 360-398-7006.

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