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HiPer debuts its new PROFill race proven flat prevention system at Indy

LAWRENCE, Kan, February 10, 2010– HiPer will debut its new PROFill race proven flat prevention system at the 2010 Indy Dealer Expo.  Under development for over a year, PROFill’s advantages are weight, superior cornering, affordability, ease of installation, and the ability to make quick adjustments for maximum suspension performance and traction.
Weighing 30% less per wheel than other flat prevention systems and unable to absorb water, PROFill gives riders increased performance.  PROFill can be inflated through the normal valve stem and requires no special tools to tune tire pressures.
PROFill eliminates the cornering “chatter” and vibration of other systems reducing rider fatigue while increasing cornering performance.  To add more performance, PROFill is available in soft and hard compounds which can be mixed together for medium compounds tuned for the specific track and conditions.
The PROFill system will initially be available in ten inch front and nine inch rear combinations for cross country racing.  With retail prices expected to be under $100 per wheel, the PROFill system is an unmatched value.
For more information, contact HiPer directly at 877-GO-HIPER or 785-749-6011 or visit them on the web at or for more information.  HiPer will also be located at booth 2542 at the Indy Dealer Expo.  You can also find the most current news on HiPer’s Facebook page.
HiPer Technology, Inc specializes in carbon fiber and composite products utilizing a proprietary casting process.  HiPer is the industry leader in ATV wheels, Micro Sprint car wheels, and safety products.  HiPer Technology has grown to be a technology leader in materials, design, and product function since its founding in 2000.

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