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High Lifter Releases a 34.5”Beast

34.5” Outlaw2
34.5” Outlaw2

High Lifter Products, Inc., the leader in cus-tom aftermarket ATV accessories and prod-ucts introduces the newest and largest tire in its line: the 34.5” Outlaw2. This aggressive mud tire continues the success of the High Lifter innovative tread that wraps all the way to the rim, increasing traction in deep ruts. The scooped treads maximize pulling, digging and paddling through deep mud and water.

With a 8-pitch design, the 34.5” Outlaw2 cleans out exceptionally well. It’s tread depths range from 1 5/8” in the center to 2 3/8” at the shoulder and 1 1/8” on the side wrap. We’ve beefed up the tread bar to in-crease the contact patch and deliver better wear.

The newest addition to the Outlaw Mudline is a true-to-size 34.5”x10.5”x 16” tire.

The all-new 34.5 Outlaw2 is a rugged mud rider’s tire that continuously pulls and cleans with every revolution. The 34.5 Outlaw2 is perfectly proportioned with a very flat profile that will deliver a smooth trail ride while delivering great performance in mud.

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