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Hi-Lift Now Has A Jack For UTVs

The “original power tool” of the off-road market is now available to meet the ever-increasing demands of the UTV market with this specialized Hi-Lift® jack model. Sized perfect for UTV operators (off-roaders, farmers, ranchers, search and rescue personnel, and the general outdoorsman) with 36” and 42” models, each weighing less than 30 lbs.

The Hi-Lift® UTV jack is superior to the factory-supplied UTV jack in that it allows you to lift the UTV from many locations, instead of being limited to specific points under the vehicle. It offers greater capacity with a 7,000 pound tested and 4,660 pound rated load limit. Additionally, the Hi-Lift® UTV jack outperforms the factory-supplied jack in that it is a true “multi-purpose tool” that provides the ability to lift, winch, pull, spread, and clamp. It can be used in all conditions… water, mud, sand and even snow.

The Hi-Lift® UTV jack is available with a full-line of Hi-Lift jack accessories, that make it even more valuable and efficient for many applications. Now, with the recent development of the Adjustable Tube Mounts, the Hi-Lift® UTV jack can be mounted easily and securely to any round or square tubing locations on a UTV… front/rear bumpers, bull bars, roll cages and/or roof racks.

The Hi-Lift® jack is the standard in the off-road market because of its multitude of uses. In addition to the obvious off-road applications, imagine the benefits for farmers and ranchers, search and rescue personnel, and the general outdoorsman. UTV’s are commonplace on farms and ranches. The Hi-Lift® UTV jack can be used to pull fence posts, lift tractors and implements, and even aid in the recovery of stuck trucks and equipment. Search and rescue personnel often use UTV’s to get to remote areas where regular rescue vehicles can’t reach. The Hi-Lift® UTV jack can be used for a host of rescue and extrication applications. As a back-up for the “jaws of life” tool, rescue personnel can even remove a car door or spread metal to rescue trapped victims. The varied uses are limited only by one’s imagination.

The Hi-Lift® UTV jack will be introduced to the market first at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. It will soon be available to purchase through many Powersport dealers and distributors nationwide.

Hi-Lift can be found on the web at:

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