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Help us save the California OHV Program

Reprinted from the BlueRibbon Coalition

Fighting to keep trails and riding areas open is nothing new. In fact, it is part of being a trail enthusiast regardless of if you are an OHVer, MTBer, or equestrian.

Our land use partners at AMA District 36 have crafted up an easy to use comment letter that will go to various leaders at CA State Parks and the State Park Transformation Team (TT).

As you may know, the TT has proposed to consolidate the OHV Program back into the non-OHV side of State Parks. Based on past experience, this proposal could end OHV recreation, as we know it, in California.

Sharetrails.Org/BRC’s Western Representative, Don Amador, who was also the Chairman of the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission in the 1990s, believes one of the most important points that riders can make is to request the TT support permanent status for the OHV program!

Other points should include; auditing measures should be adopted to ensure that OHV funds are only being spent for OHV services, struggling and underutilized non-OHV parks units such as Henry W. Coe and Tolowa Dunes should be designated for OHV use, and the TT should support statutory or constitutional protections for the OHV Trust Fund to stop the ongoing fiscal raids on the program.

Since the program was totally revised in 2008, the OHV Division has been a model of government transparency and efficiency. It has been a model for other States to follow. We need to ensure this program keeps its identity and can continue to provide the excellent services it has been providing.

The vast majority of OHV recreational opportunities are provided by the Forest Service and BLM. The OHV Grants Program has been instrumental in providing for quality and effectively managed OHV recreation on federal lands throughout the state. We must ensure the OHV Grants Program stays independent.

If you like to ride OHVs in SVRAs or federal OHV areas in CA or are an OHV-related business or shop, you must take a few minutes to bone up on the issue and send in your comments. We are providing a link to the AMA District 36 alert and letter generator.

Also, the TT is having a public meeting on July 19 where you can express your concerns about their proposal that could end or seriously impact the CA OHV Program.

California Department of Parks and Recreation Organizational Structure Opportunities
Open House
Tuesday, July 19, 2016
6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Resources Building Auditorium 1416 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814


Feel free to include your own personal comments when using the letter generator.


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