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HCR Racing Polaris GENERAL Long Travel Kit

HCR Racing Polaris GENERAL 1000 Long Travel Kit

HCR Racing is proud to offer the Polaris GENERAL Long Travel Kit. Following the aggressive and distinctive look of HCR’s Polaris RZR XP-1000 long travel and RZR 900 S kit, a new platform has been created. HCR combined the best attributes of strength and style to introduce the best-performing, most capable GENERAL yet.

HCR Racing Polaris GENERAL  Long Travel Kit

HCR Racing Polaris GENERAL Long Travel Kit

OEM balljoints are reused to increase low speed steering and travel with minimal maintenance. 4130 Heat-treated, billet balljoint receivers are used instead of tubing for added strength and multiple weld points; eliminating a potential weak point on the Arm. A J-arm mounting style of the lower shock allows for longer stroke shocks and more travel. This +5″ kit adds 10” of overall track width and 2 inches of wheel base for better handling, stability and overall performance. High clearance front arms offer 1.25 inches of additional ground clearance. Achieve overall performance gains with 17+ inches of travel on all four corners.

HCR uses the same custom alloy as their popular Elite kit to manufacture the Polaris GENERAL 1000 suspension. This proprietary material boasts 30% stronger tensile and yield strength compared to 4130 series chromoly. The material goes through several processes and is hardened for better wear resistance and overall strength. Critical measurements are verified, such as ball joint angle, CV joint angle, and clearance to surrounding parts to ensure no binding or interference. All products are hand tig welded by seasoned craftsmen.

Custom length & tuned 2.5 HCR Race series Kings are included with every HCR GENERAL long Travel Kit. Available in traditional King blue or HCR black and silver at no additional charge, these longer stroke & eye to eye shocks take the custom tuning to the next level. This $3,400 custom valved and tuned shock package includes King’s wide range compression adjusters standard; allowing up to 30% adjustment. These provide the ability to precisely adjust compression from super soft to super firm with the simple twist of a knob. The clearly marked knob offers 20 positive clicks of finely tuned adjustment. You can soften your ride when just cruising or firm up the compression when hammering rough terrain or carrying additional payload. You’ll have the ultimate in performance regardless of your pursuit. Dual Rates are available, but not suggested.


  • +5” Over kit adding 10” of overall track width
  • 17” of travel
  • Manufactured with HCR Elite Material. This Custom Alloy Boasts 30% stronger tensile & yield strength compared to 4130 series Chromoly.
  • Custom Valved King 2.5 HCR Pure Race Series Shocks.
  • CNC bent for accuracy
  • Laser Cut construction for precise fit and finish
  • CNC 4130 billet mounting points for increased integrity
  • RCV Axles 4340 Series Chromoly
  • Compression Adjusters allowing 30% adjustment for all terrains and driving styles.
  • High Clearance Boxed A-Arm Design providing increased ground clearance and strength
  • Each piece is hand tig welded for strength and aesthetics
  • OEM ball joints to maximize lowspeed steering, ease & smooth travel with less maintenance
  • New HD Sway Bar Mounts compatible with factory sway bar
  • 100% Bolt-on installation using factory mounting points
  • Larger Delrin bushings for increased strength and durability
Polaris GENERAL 1000 Long Travel Kit

Polaris GENERAL 1000 Long Travel Kit

The quality fit and finish, ease of installation, and top shelf performance of these kits are what sets HCR Racing apart from the competition. No kits are released to the public without numerous hours of vigorous testing in the rocks, desert, and dunes for true dual sport application.

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