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GMH Motorsports Wins WORCS Round 1

Mike Gardner at WORCS Round 1
Mike Gardner built a new machine for 2015 race season. He looked to Holz Racing Products because of their complete domination over the years. He knew he wanted a very light and strong machine to tackle these very harsh conditions. The Holz team builds some of the best cars you will find. If it does not serve a purpose its removed. 

RZR XP 1000
Mike dives inside turn 1

“I love racing in taft!” Mike said at the start line of round 1. “There’s nothing like hitting a 100 ft. step up with RJ37 on your bumper while flying through the air.” After the dust settled from the land rush start Mike found him self of the bumper on the #37 machine. Knowing there was a stacked of field of racers chasing him down he kept the peddle smashed.

RZR XP 1000
Mike Gardner is his Holz RZR XP 1000

Mike held 2nd until the second lap when he lost a font diff. “I took a deep breathe and gave it everything I had!” Holding a steady pace and working his way through broken machines Mike was able to keep him machine running and pulled of a big win. “It was so intense having to find that happy medium of hammering the throttle as I’m trying not to get the back end lose.” This win would not have been possible without great sponsors and a solid team supporting him.

RZR XP 1000
Holz Suspension smoothed out the MX style jumps
RZR XP 1000
Mike out front on the last lap

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