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GBC Motorsports Adds 27 inch Sizes to Kanati Mongrel Lineup

Kanati Mongrel

Anaheim, Calif. – February 25, 2014 – GBC Motorsports is excited to announce that they have expanded their popular Kanati Mongrel line by adding two new sizes. The Mongrel is now available in two new 27” sizes through GBC Motorsports dealers.

GBC Motorsports introduced the Kanati Mongrel in late 2012, perpetuating the company’s culture of innovation in the ATV/SXS tire market. Along with the first aftermarket ATV tire sold in the US, the first 8-ply radial ATV tire, and the first 1,000lb capacity ATV tire, GBC Motorsports introduced the Kanati Mongrel as the industry’s first DOT approved tire built specifically for Side-by-Sides.

In just over a year the Kanati Mongrel has taken the SXS world by storm, its racing success a testament to the design and engineering that GBC Motorsports puts into its tires. The Mongrel’s unique tread design, along with its robust 8-ply rated construction, has helped racers and enthusiasts navigate any kind of terrain imaginable.

“The Mongrel has been a very popular tire in the SXS community both for racers and enthusiasts,” said Kory Ellis, GBC Motorsports Sales Rep. “We continually develop our products and adding a pair of 27” sizes was an obvious first step in expanding the Mongrel line.”

The two new Kanati Mongrel sizes will be 27×9.00R12 and 27×11.00R12. These new sizes match OE specs on most SXS models, making them an easy replacement without requiring any other upgrades or modifications. The two different widths will also allow SXS owners to install a more traditional tire configuration, in which the rear tires are wider than the fronts.

AE122610MG 26X10.00R12 8PR 26.5 600
AE122709MG 27X9.00R12 8PR 27.2 600
AE122711MG 27X11.00R12 8PR 30.9 600
AE142810MG 28X10.00R14 8PR 29.6 600
AE143010MG 30X10.00R14 8PR 33.3 600
AE152810MG 28X10.00R15 8PR 28.7 600
AE153010MG 30X10.00R15 8PR 34.0 600

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Kanati Mongrel 3/4 Front View

Kanati Mongrel Side View

Kanati Mongrel Tread View

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