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Fox Racing Shox Introduces new Position-Sensitive Side x Side Shock

The all-new Position-Sensitive 2.0 (available with DSC) gives you position-sensitive damping for the optimal compression damping at each phase of the stroke, and its wide range Dual Speed Compression adjustability allows a set-up that’s perfect for driver style and course condition.

The internal bottom-out cup provides additional damping at the very bottom of the stroke to give you the ability to push your vehicle harder for longer with improved driver confidence.

Less compression damping at ride-height gives improved comfort and traction while huge damping in the end-zone helps to flatten out the biggest bumps.


  • Position sensitive damping in a single coil-over shock
  • No need for separate by-pass and coilover shocks
  • Available in 3 different sizes(6.5”, 8.5” and 10” Travel)
  • Also available with DSC(Dual Speed Compression)
  • Secondary piston, cup and post function in the last 25% of travel to provide additional anti bottom-out force
  • A precision tapered cup lead-in provides a smooth transition, essential for maintaining traction during mid-corner bumps
  • Zero Cup Bleed ensures low-speed damping right to the end of the compression stroke (zero velocity)

The 6.5″ travel shock will fit the rear of a Polaris RZR S.

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