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First one of a kind new “WATTANK” water tank that keeps your hands free for safe driving

This special new water tank was developed while keeping in mind the special needs for UTV (side by side) riders. The water tank special side by side mounting brackets (made of Aluminum or Galvanized steel) used together with the special strips lets you to firmly mount the water tank to the UTV.

Using a long tube that is connected in one end to the water tank and on the other end to a special biting drinking valve lets the driver and passenger to drink cold fresh water while driving while keeping your hands free and eyes on the road.

The water tank was developed to provide nonstop fresh clean drinking water with no need for any cleaning or maintenance. The tank is assembled out of two halves that can be separated revealing the special liquid filling bag (FDA Approved) which contains the water and keeps it fresh and without after taste. The special bag can be replaced as needed when using different beverages or when the bag is wears out.

The water thank container itself is made of 30mm thick thermoplastic high quality material (EPP) with very high temperature isolation quality’s that prevent heating or freezing.

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