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Fight Shock Fade With New FOX ECS2 Cooler

FOX ECS2 Cooler

The FOX ECS2 Cooler upgrade brings a new level of performance to your FOX-equipped UTV. Racing or riding at high speed for sustained durations heats the shocks significantly. As oil temperature climbs, viscosity decreases. Decreased viscosity means less damping force and less control.

Extreme heat can push shocks past their ideal operating zone, resulting in shock fade. The ECS2 Cooler functions as a heat exchanger, reducing shock oil temperature so damping force stays more consistent.

During development, test engineers observed more than a 70°F drop in shock operating temperature in both dyno and field tests.

The cooling system can be added to most 2.5- or 3.0-inch diameter FOX UTV shocks and relies on a check valve to produce unidirectional oil flow. As the shock compresses, oil flows through the ECS2 Cooler and dumps into the reservoir. On the rebound, cooled oil flows back into the shock, maintaining optimal damping function.

FOX ECS2 Cooler

FOX ECS2 Cooler


  • Unidirectional oil flow
  • Impact extruded 6063-T5 aluminum alloy
  • Internal and external fins for maximum cooling surface area and heat dissipation


  • Maintain consistent damping force
  • Longer service intervals in extreme heat conditions
  • Better performance for racing and riding at high speed for extended durations


  • Existing FOX UTV shocks only
  • Most FOX 2.5” and 3.0” rear shocks

Professional installation is required by Shock Therapy in Phoenix, Arizona or the FOX Midwest Service Center in Baxter, Minnesota. Fitment options and pricing are based on your existing FOX shocks.

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