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UTV Canada’s Kawasaki Teryx4

Kawasaki Teryx4
UTV Canada’s Kawasaki Teryx4

Kawasaki Teryx4
“Becky” – Kawasaki Teryx4

By Colin Gaffney and Tara Persson
Photos: Rachelle Guenette and Andy Ogg

The Becky Project was born out of the gut instinct that the Kawasaki Teryx was one of the best, yet misunderstood and undervalued UTV’s on the market. UTV Canada knows that the Kawasaki Teryx line is competitively priced, has the durability and reliability that we all come to expect from Kawasaki and is a perfect hybrid of sport and utility! We wanted to challenge these mainstream thoughts of inadequacy and knew that we would be able to “Define this Ride” and take our Kawasaki Teryx4 from stock to SHOCK!UTV Canada is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to the UTV aftermarket accessories being introduced into Canada. Our main goal is to bring new ideas to the forefront of our off-road riding industry and to demonstrate what can be accomplished by thinking outside of the box. The end goal is to create something really unique that not only offers enhanced functionality but also a finished product that is aesthetically pleasing and has that “WOW” factor. Essentially, we want to “Define Your Ride!”

Kawasaki Teryx4

Anybody can throw a bunch of parts together and call it Becky, but to design something that really turns heads and creates mass crowd appeal, takes experience and vision. UTV Canada not only possesses the vision and vast experience in the UTV aftermarket industry, but also has the exclusive access to hundreds of top quality suppliers and their amazing products. Now, without further ado, let’s get down and dirty with Becky to see what she is really made of.

We took the stock unit and immediately began breaking it down, removing the factory roll cage, tires, rims, and seats and then began the process to create Becky from the ground up. Not that Becky wasn’t beautiful the way she was, she simply needed a makeover to enhance what she had already been given.

Teryx4 Bumper and Winch

We started on her front side with an EXTREME METAL PRODUCTS heavy duty front bumper, made of 1/8” thick American Steel, complete with an integrated winch mounting plate and built in brush guard. To compliment her further, we mounted a WARN INDUSTRIES 4500lb Pro-Vantage winch with steel cable on top of the bumper, backed with a lifetime mechanical and 3-year electrical warranty. This winch is guaranteed to get Becky out of even the stickiest of situations. The combination of the bumper and winch is not only functional and looks great, but offers her the much needed protection for everyone’s riding pleasure.

Next we enhanced Becky’s safety features with a custom cage from LONG TRAVEL INDUSTRIES. To call this a cage is such an understatement, because it is so much more! It comes equipped with flying “V” intrusion bars and an integrated rear bumper, a 2-piece roof, front and rear harness bars, welded light bar mounts, a whip mount and a custom fit opening for an SSV overhead stereo! The cage is made from 1 ¾ ” x .095 wall D.O.M tubing to provide a stronger cage while still providing an aesthetically pleasing look. Keeping her passengers safe and looking good at the same time is of utmost importance to Becky. The custom cage was powder-coated to match the rest of Becky’s burnt orange body while the roof was powder-coated black for a complementary contrast. To utilize the aforementioned mounts we added lighting solutions from RIGID INDUSTRIES in the form of a 30” SR2 series light bar on the roof, a pair of Duallys on the A-pillars as well as a TRIBAL WHIPS 6ft LED Whip. This whip features a quick connect/disconnect mounting system. Just like any girl, Becky loves to see and be seen! The final safety touches are the 2” padded 4 point harnesses made by PRP SEATS, that mount easily for all 5 passengers to the harnesses bars provided by the custom cage.

Colorado Components Tires

Becky is not just about selfish vanity. She understands that you can look hot, but if you can’t give a good ride, you might as well stay in the shed! On that note, Becky has been equipped with some fantastic functional items from COLORADO COMPONENTS, SUPER ATV and HIGH LIFTER PRODUCTS. Becky loves her new badass tire and wheel package from MSA WHEELS and EFX TIRES. The unique design on the 15” M21 bead-lock rims allows for quick and effective clean out of sand, mud, and dirt. In addition, these rims will keep her tires securely fastened so she won’t be popping any beads as she barrels down the trails. The M21’s are accented with the burnt orange power-coated ring, and paired with EFX’s all new Moto-Hammer tires. This is a 30x10x15 hard pack; rugged, 8-ply radial tire that is DOT approved and great for trail riding. To give Becky some added clearance for the trails and her tires, she got a 2” lift from SUPER ATV that was a breeze to install and some 1 ½” wheel spacers from HIGH LIFTER PRODUCTS.

The only performance modification that Becky got was to change out her stock exhaust system for a complete dual MUZZY EXHAUST system. This system is designed to minimize her sound levels yet maximize her performance. Who couldn’t use a boost in performance? And, when paired with the MUZZY Digi Tune fuel tuner to make sure that the correct air/fuel mixture is attained, Becky can be assured that she is on her A-Game!

PRP Seats

You’ve heard it said it’s not what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside that counts. And, inside is where the fun is – with custom suspension seats from PRP SEATS and a badass stereo from SSV WORKS. Becky wanted her favorite Canadian Source for UTV Accessories to be acknowledged for all their efforts in her makeover so the UTV Canada logo was embroidered in the front GT Bucket Seats and on the rear 3 Passenger GT Bench Seat. PRP SEATS produces quality seats at a reasonable price with a quick turnaround time. They offer numerous custom options that allow you to tailor your seats to meet any specific needs that you may have. Becky also got an SSV Works 4 speaker overhead sound bar, complete with a Bluetooth dock and premium 50W speakers, as well as a 550 watt, 10” thin profile subwoofer underneath the rear seat. Instead of the plug n play sub, this separate amplifier allows Becky’s bass to be tuned on the fly for a seriously crowd stopping beat. Undoubtedly, Becky will be the life of the party both on and off the trails!

SSV Works 4 speaker overhead sound bar

Finally, the finishing touches. This is where Becky really shines as any girl’s true beauty is defined in the details. And no one does details better than AXIA ALLOYS! Their billet aluminum products are exceptionally constructed and versatile for any machine. The 4” Convex Side Mirrors and 17” Panoramic Rear-view Mirror are great additions for Becky to aid in backing up and keeping an eye on the rowdy passengers in the rear seats. An extra special and unique product from AXIA ALLOYS is their tinted sun visors that help to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun. For added safety, Becky also got a Quick Release Fire Extinguisher mount so that in the unfortunate event of a fire, Becky and her passengers will be spared any trauma. And finally, 2 small but critical details are the BRAKEAWAY PRODUCTS billet switch panel in the dash to make room for the added switches and an EXTREME METAL PRODUCTS full size battery tray to give Becky the freedom to run all of her added electronics.

Kawasaki Teryx4

Becky went from stock to shock and she couldn’t be happier with her transformation! She looks good, she sounds good, she rides good! You go girl!

UTV Canada would like to say a huge thank you to KAWASAKI CANADA, specifically BRUCE MARCIA and TIMOTHY CHANDLER for embracing our vision and working with us and on this project. We also want to give a shout out to COOPERS RECREATION of Edmonton, Becky’s home dealership. Thank you also to Andrew Brent for the many hours invested into making this build a reality. Becky is named after his girlfriend who was very understanding during the late nights and weekends that kept him away while completing this build.

Kawasaki Teryx4


If you would like to DEFINE YOUR RIDE, please contact your local UTV Canada dealer today!

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