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Fullerton Sand Sports RZR XP4 1000

Polaris RZR XP4 1000
Fullerton Sand Sports RZR XP4 1000

Rigid Industries Polaris RZR XP4 1000

Text by Cody Hooper, Photos by Jon Crowley and Cody Hooper.

Industry collaboration is a great thing. We get to see companies come together and create great products and fantastic vehicle builds, just like this one here. Unveiled in Idaho, this 2015 RZR XP4 was a result of a joint venture between a few great industry leaders- Fullerton Sand Sports, Rigid Industries, and TMW Off-Road.

Starting with a brand new “Havasu Red Pearl” XP4, Dave Kuskie of Fullerton Sand Sports enlisted the help of Rigid and TMW to build a rolling showcase of awesome product. The car was dropped off at TMW Off-Road in Mesa, Arizona to be stripped down to the bare frame. Enough wiring and switchwork was then compiled to run half of the Eastern Seaboard, because Rigid Industries shipped cases of LED lighting to “highlight” the build. As one of the key sponsors for the UTV Invasion at St. Anthony, Idaho, Rigid knew they had to put on a show.

Polaris RZR XP4 1000

With 22 independent LED light pods, bars, and accent lights, this XP4 is bright. TMW bolted up a custom heavy-flake red metallic “Venom X4” cage, with matching lightweight doors. A custom rear bumper and roof match the look of the rest of the car, making the cohesive package look almost OE in its fit and finish. TMW’s staff are masters of custom creation, crafting masterpieces for customers that include cage work to full one-off builds (See “El Diablo”).

A set of matching Triple X seats with tons of bolstering were fitted to the stock frames, with Crow 4-point harnesses keeping all four passengers in place. Inside, custom dash work by TMW makes turning all of the lights on and off a breeze, and a bad to the bone SSV Works stereo system keeps driver and passengers entertained while cruising through the dunes.

After the car was assembled and wired, Dave contacted Jon Wolf at Wolf Designs- a leading name in vehicle wraps and graphics. Just like the cage, the wrap featured heavy-flake red metallic colors that shine brilliantly in the sun, offering a departure from the usual solid-color vinyl wraps we see day to day. The full-coverage wrap even gives the lower rocker panels and roof some color, which we thought was a great custom kick. Rigid’s logos are already red/white/black, so they matched the rest of the build wonderfully without any changes.

Polaris RZR XP4 1000

To give the new 2015 a little oomph, a Muzzys full dual exhaust and self-tuning ECU were bolted up. The Muzzys system added quite a bit of sound and power to the build, highlighting the new-for-2015 1000 H.O. motor’s power aspects with a little more grunt mid-to-top. For 2015, Polaris also outfitted the XP line with an all-new high-flow clutch, ensuring that the belt life would be extended when toting four full-sized adults through the massive Idaho dunes.

HiPer “Fusion” wheels wrapped in STU paddle tires allowed this RZR to blast around the big bowls with ease. HiPer’s Fusion wheel is a blend of billet aluminum and resin-suspended carbon fiber weave, making them lightweight, extremely strong, and very nice to look at. The added ability to change wheel offsets with different wheel centers means that if you decide to go with a long travel kit later on, you don’t have to buy another set of wheels to do so- just the centers.

 Polaris RZR XP 4 1000

Dave Kuskie of Fullerton Sand Sports, which is the largest in-stock distributor of sand tires on the west coast. Naturally, the HiPer beadlocks were wrapped in premium 28” STU (Sand Tires Unlimited) Sand Blaster 16 paddle rear and Razor Blaster ribbed front tires. These are among the best sand tires you can buy- they offer incredible grip and handling characteristics, with enough side slip to keep things fun in the bowls.

The light placement that the team came up with for some of the Rigid LED pods is unique. Dually D2 pods were placed in the front and rear of the vehicle for side-flood lighting at night, as well as mounted flush with the rear bed to produce a light-beam effect at night. When turned on, they resemble miniature vertical spotlights that you often see at large events, such as concerts, parties, and movie premiers. The overall effect is wicked at night, with enough versatile lighting to go from normal dune cruising to all-out racing, and everywhere in between. With a total of 12 LED “Dually” pods and light bars, the forward and side visibility is near daylight, and the 10 A-series accent lights give the car a sinister red glow.

Polaris RZR XP4 1000

Rounding out the rest of the build were a set of full body skid plates by UTV Tech and a turn signal kit by XTC Motorsports. The UTV Tech full under-armor kit retails for $1,499.00, and offers almost bullet-proof protection for the entire under side of the car. The XTC Motorsports turn signal kit plugs directly into the OEM wiring harness with no cutting or splicing, and uses the factory brake lights as turn signals. This is a great investment if you’re going to be driving your rig on the street in states that allow it, and at under $300, it won’t break the bank.

The Fullerton Sand Sports crew had a blast with their XP4 in Idaho, launching, sliding, and catapulting it across the sand playground without a single issue. We love seeing unique builds, and at night, that’s just what this one is- a literal beacon of creativity in lighting.

Polaris RZR XP4 1000

Build Sponsors:

  • TMW Off-Road
  • Rigid Industries
  • Fullerton Sand Sports
  • Wolf Designs
  • HiPer Wheels
  • Muzzys Performance
  • Triple X Seats
  • SSV Works
  • UTV Tech
  • XTC Motorsports

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