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Entire OffRoad Community Rallies to Help Families In Need

FAST-Aid Relief Fund for MDR California 200 Accident
MESA, AZ – AUGUST 18, 2010:   FAST-Aid is excited with the generous response for the families of the casualties and the injured at the MDR California 200 off road race accident that happened last weekend.  The entire Off Road Community has rallied together to raise over $107,000 within the week, but that is still $75,000+ away from reaching their estimated need to properly assist the families, injured and those in need of emotional support if they were at the scene of the accident. 
            “We are humbled by the donations including large sums of $50,000 from Mango Racing and $10,000 from 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers, and appreciate everything all the way down to the $5 donations.  Off Road clubs and companies are rallying together to form fundraising events across the country.  The off road community is tight knit, and they are certainly rallying and showing their positive support,” stated Jared Tetzlaff, President of FAST-Aid.
            The funds are being allocated to the grieving families in this particular order.  “Our priority is helping with immediate funeral expenses, and we are offering the services of Racers for Christ Off-Road Chaplain Steve Hanson to officiate the services if they do not have a family clergy-member to perform the funerals,” stated Tetzlaff.  Second, will be to assist with Medical expenses/bills that need to be paid as a result of lost work due to injuries suffered in the crash.  Third level of assistance will be for the Children of the deceased.  Additionally, we will be setting up Education/Trust funds for the children, which will be available at 18 years old for education or 25 years old if they choose not to use it for education.  It is also important to FAST-Aid to be able to assist all those directly involved in the accident by helping arrange for counseling/mental well-being to prevent possible PTSD and other long-term psychological effects of this tragic accident.
FAST-Aid, similar in nature to the Red Cross, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial, educational and personal assistance to injured racers, support teams and their families as well as ensures the necessary support is in place to complete a thorough recovery and rehabilitation from motor sports racing incidents.
To donate specifically to help the California 200 casualties, please go to and note “California 200” on your donation and 100% of the funds received will be applied to assisting their families in this difficult time. Donations are tax-deductible. We are paying expenses directly to the people they owe money to.  If they have already put expenses on a credit card, they will provide receipts for reimbursement or we will pay the credit card directly.  This is the policy for all racers we help.
About FAST-Aid  – FAST-Aid has been helping the off road racing community since April 2009 and has been called to assist in many different circumstances.  The board consists of nine racers, crew members, community and industry supporters.  FAST-Aid a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of supplying financial and emotional assistance to off-roaders injured at racing events.
President of FAST-Aid Jared Tetzlaff quote: “Our role is not to assign blame or liability, but is strictly to do everything we can to be there to assist the casualties and their families in the aftermath of this tragedy.  We will continue to coordinate all of our resources to help comfort and provide assistance to those involved.” Blog

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