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Rockstar Energy THIRSTCUTTER in-game vehicle

UTV WOLFPACK enters the post apocalyptic video game world of Mad Max to build a one of a kind machine based on the Rockstar Energy THIRSTCUTTER in-game vehicle.

The inspiration for the THIRSTCUTTER was born from evaluating real-world vehicles that could blast through harsh desert environments, while also offering athletic abilities to power away from game enemies.
WOLFPACK’S UTV racing experience and core knowledge of Polaris RZR’s helped guide Rockstar and WB Games to create a new vehicle type that would enter the Mad Max game.

“A one of a kind project that all boys dream about, we proud to bring this project from an idea to life.” – Jason Merrell

Working in collaboration with Engage In-Game Advertising and the affiliated partners of the project, WOLFPACK began translating the virtual characteristics of the THIRSTCUTTER, into physical elements, materials and fabrication tactics that would deliver the closest possible replication of the vehicle.
Wolfpack sent images of their current race RZR stripped down to Avalanche Studios. Within a short amount of time Avalanche Studios transformed the pictures into these 3D digital renderings.

Rockstar Energy THIRSTCUTTER in-game vehicle
“After receiving the renderings from Avalanche Studios, I thought what did I just get myself into. But was also excited to make it come to life” -Jason Merrell (UTV Wolfpack)

Wolfpack knew this was going to be a long time consuming project so they started building the cage right away.

Miller Welder
“The kind of project every fabricator dreams about” -Ricky Silber

Several late nights, countless hours and tedious tasks were spent during the duration of the MAD MAX “Thirst Cutter” we couldn’t have done without the right equipment in our shop, Miller Welders, Makita Tools, Mittler Brothers Machine and Tool.

Jason Merrell creating custom molds out of aluminum and pouring Alumilite an industrial grade 2 part expandable foam to create the spikes.

Jeremy Merrell grinding down the skull shifter knob.

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Out of this process was born

A twisted beast of awesomeness ready to crush any trail or path in it’s way.


Wolfpack custom cage with rear tie-in bumper. Six fire blasting Wolfpack custom exhaust pipes ready to throw down some thunder.


Weather tested alligator Pro Armor seats keeping it high and dry though any terrain and Wolfpack Seat base for strength. Rockstar Boost cans for extra power to escape dangerous enemies. 


Looks that kill with original Rockstar laser cut integrated spikes with GMZ Wheels and GMZ Sand Stripper HP 14 paddle tires. 

Air Intake one of a kind Custom Wolfpack hand made aluminum airbox with spiked tips.
Max Durability – UTV Wolfpack Aluminum HD Series Suspension Package: Tie Rods, Rear Radius Rods and Sway Bar Downlinks. 
Custom Wolfpack Steering wheel hand made by Jenna Lee Inc. and skull shifter. 
Vehicle Custom Wrap by Proline Wraps


Custom front Bashin leather wrapped by Jenna Lee Inc. Wolfpack Bumper added side bars, front wrench, skull and grill. Old school KC HiLites Daylighter LED’s

Walker Evans Racing shocks with performance valving 2.0 piggy back front shocks with 16″ massive inches of travel and 2.5 rears with 18″ inches of travel and remote reservoirs.

Enter to win THIRST CUTTER

Rockstar Energy will be giving away 2 custom off-road THIRSTCUTTER vehicles, with 2 ways to win: – Starting 9/1 – ENTER TO WIN SWEEPS: Grab limited edition Mad Max themed Rockstar cans and collect unique entry codes under the tab

– Starting 9/8 – PLAY TO WIN CHALLENGE: Get a copy of the Mad Max game and race in the THIRSTCUTTER in-game competition for fastest time


Seeing the evolution of an idea transform into a reality, paved the way to create a two part web series of the vehicle being built. Rockstar Energy takes a peep behind the scenes to see how the THIRSTCUTTER comes to life from start to finish.

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A Special Thanks to Polaris RZR, Rockstar Energy Drinks, Avalanche Studios, WB Games and all our sponsors and partners on the Mad Max Build!

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