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Energy Suspension’s Polaris RZR Footwell Drain Plugs

Polaris RZR Footwell Drain Plugs

San Clemente, CA – Energy Suspension’s Polaris RZR footwell drain plugs are made from Energy Suspension’s Hyperflex© performance polyurethane instead of brittle plastic. Unlike the OE plugs, they will not crack or break, and will not rattle loose. Installation and removal is identical to the factory footwell drain plugs, making it just as easy to wash the floor boards or remove excess water, mud or sand from the passenger compartment. 

Sold in pairs of either black (add G to part number) or red (add R to part number), Energy Suspension’s footwell drain plugs for the Polaris RZR are a far superior value than the factory drain plugs, and will likely be the last set you’ll need to buy.

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