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Elevate Your Ride – XTR370 Tire Line Grows

System 3 Off-Road XTR370

YORBA LINDA, Calif. (August 10, 2020) – With new sizes and deeper tread blocks, the System 3 Off-Road XTR370 is ready to elevate your ride with even more powerful performance. New to the XTR lineup are 30, 33, and 35-inch tires for 15-inch wheels, plus a 35-inch for 20-inch wheels. The 33 and 35-inch tires feature tread blocks up to 1.25 inches deep.

Each XTR370 tire features an 8-ply rated radial carcass and advanced sidewall construction to deliver sure-footed traction on tough terrain with unmatched ride comfort. The XTR370’s aggressive shoulder setup features multi-angle lugs that increase side bite for even better traction and control.

The 35 x 10R-20 size teams perfectly with System 3’s 20-inch ST-4 and ST-3 wheels. All XTR’s have a super deep rim guard that helps protect wheels and reduces pinch flats. Suggested retail prices for the new sizes ranges from $207 to $293.

About System 3 Off-Road
System 3 Off-Road serves passionate off-road enthusiasts with tires and wheels designed for improved traction, strength, and style. Those engineering pillars support every product made by our experienced professionals. 

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