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DWT’s True Run-Flat Capability


Under rigorous military testing in the toughest of conditions and terrain, DWT’s MOAPA run-flat tires proved triumphant with the highest levels of capability and success.

When puncture tested with several large caliber bullets through the tire’s sidewall and tread, MOAPA run-flats successfully traveled at 40mph over 50 miles with a 650 lb load per tire.

How’s that for true Run-Flat capability?

The results sounded pretty amazing so we decided to do some of our own puncture testing…How’s that for true Run-Flat capability?

  • Wide contact patch for perfect traction in the toughest terrains and conditions
  • Aggressive wrapped tread design reinforces the sidewall for super strength and heavy duty protection
  • Engineered for a stable ride with increased penetration protection
  • Versatile multi-directional tread pattern reduce tires sizes needed per vehicle
  • No need to carry a spare. Increasing cargo space while decreasing weight and cost to run.

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