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Mesa, AZ October 25, 2011 — After battling with each other all season long, the GNCC championship came down to the season finale in Indiana for Team Hendershot and William Yokley piloting the National Guard Polaris Coastal DragonFire machine. Although Team Hendershot’s father/son team of Larry and Michael won the last round, Yokley’s calculated second place finish gave him just enough points to win the open modified UTV class in his Ranger RZR XP 900.

Yokley Racing’s Scott Kiger finished third on the day and for the season… but the real winner for the day was DragonFire as all three machines featured DFR racing components. “Win, place and show… DragonFire was definitely off to the races at the GNCC event this past weekend,” says DFR GM Scott Highland. “You could definitely ‘Feel The Heat!’ on the podium.”

With 54 total entries and 25 open modified machines taking to the tight tree sections, alternating with wide open cornfields and slick streambeds/hillclimbs making up the tough Crawfordsville terrain, many racers did not finish the aptly named “Ironman” race.

“The tighter, the better,” notes Highland. “All three of the top machines were running our Yokley Woods Edition RZR XP Suspension Kits.” Specifically designed for GNCC racing, this kit actually narrows the RZR XP by 3” on each side for a width that totals 6” narrower than stock. “Perfect for the trees, but more than stable enough for the high-speed sections through the cornfields,” claims Highland.

In addition to the Woods Suspension Package, DragonFire was proud to help William Yokley win his second National GNCC championship with a host of other hop-up components, according to Highland. “Yokley’s #1 rig also featured DragonFire’s RZR XP Dual Exhaust, DFR Racing Woods Cam, Low Boy doors, DragonBack seats, LockDown SFI-approved competiton harness, and DragonFire’s quick-detach steering wheel.”

The capper, literally, was the newly released DragonSkins numberplate system, which is the highlight of the just-released 2012 catalog. “DragonFire can’t help you drive like William Yokley, but we can guarantee you get the same top quality components he used to win the GNCC title,” says Highland.

For those DragonFire fans who can’t wait to “Feel The Heat” just log onto to access a downloadable .pdf of the new catalog, check out the Custom Shop to personalize your own set of DragonSkins personal I.D. plates

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