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DragonFire Quick Release Steering Wheel Kits

DragonFire Quick Release Steering Wheel Kit
DragonFire Quick Release Steering Wheel Kit

The DragonFire bolt on quick release steering wheel system will add style, control, comfort and protection to your ride. This “Sport” edition quick release kit gives you the ability to remove your steering wheel in seconds, along with adding extra comfort and feel to the handling of your side X side. The kit also allows you to get in and out of your car with ease, as well as the ability to take your steering wheel with you which doubles as a theft deterrent. Next time you get behind the steering wheel of your side X side make sure you grab a hold of the best all around steering wheel kit in the industry with the a DragonFire Quick Release Steering Wheel Kit!


  • High traction suede grip
  • Sport steering wheel – round 350mm diameter with 2.5″ offset which sets the wheel closer to driver
  • Comes complete with all components needed for mounting
  • Kit includes: Sport steering wheel (1), quick release hub (1) & steering spline adapter (1)
  • Designed for increased control, comfort & style
  • Wheel indicator stripe (Red)
  • Intended for sport and recreational use
  • Note: The steering spline adapter component within the kit is vehicle specific so make sure to select the correct kit part number based on your vehicle application

2015 DragonFire catalogs are now available, both in print and online. Call the DragonFire hot line to request a hard copy of the catalog at (800) 708-9803, or access the entire catalog online

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