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DragonFire Locked & Secured Doors for Polaris RZR

Polaris RZR Door Locks

Mesa, AZ May 30, 2013 — From your cell phone and computer to the front door of your home and your car, it seems like you have the security of a solid lock protecting just about every aspect of daily life… so why not your RZR? DragonFire’s “Locked & Secured” doors now provide an added measure of security by incorporating a slam-shut automotive style latch and integrated locking mechanism.  

A key feature to both the HiBoy (and HiBoy 4 door) version and the LoBoy doors is a high-grade slam-shut automotive-style latch, complete with a built-in locking mechanism. “The high-visibility red anodized latch functions just like your standard car door,” explains DragonFire marketing maven Chris Moore. “Simply slam it shut and it stays closed. However, for really precarious situations on the trail, we have incorporated a locking lever to make sure the doors remain securely shut at all times.”  

 DragonFire engineers their doors to the highest standards, so both versions feature a reinforced steel frame with multiple anchor points to keep them securely mounted no matter how wild the ride gets. Rubberized backing and bump stops result in reduced trail noise, as do the rattle-proof Delrin sleeved strikers.  

 With its multi-angle aluminum skin, steel frame and a taller stance, the HiBoy intended to provide the maximum protection for pilot and passenger without compromising cockpit space. “The HiBoy is strong enough to be suitable for racing, but it also works great for hardcore recreational RZR owners who want the added protection,” adds Moore.  

 DragonFire’s LoBoy doors are noticeably different. Originally developed for the U.S. military and Border Patrol years ago, the LoBoy doors have been redesigned to meet and exceed the demands of the recreational and utility markets. “They have the same features of our HiBoy door, including the ‘Locked & Secured’ slam-shut latch mechanism, but they are cut down so you have maximum visibility when rock crawling or exploring.” Standard Features Include:

  • Multi-angle aluminum skin
  • Reinforced steel frame
  • Slam-shut automotive latches with built-in locking mechanism
  • Rubberized backing and bump stops
  • Limiting straps
  • Captured lock-down hinges

High or Low, 2 or 4, DragonFire has the door for any customer. More door details such as the graphics options (including “Liquid Metal” and “White Lightning”) and a look at the locking mechanism can be seen in the exclusive video found here:

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