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DragonSkins Crank Up The Heat In 2012 Catalog

Mesa, AZ October 17, 2011 — Forget homemade number plates or rattle can spray-on graphics, DragonFire has taken vehicle personalization to a whole new level. You can now create your own “Personal I.D. System” to go along with the new DragonSkins number plate system that headlines the hot-off-the-presses 2012 DFR catalog. Talk about “Feel The Heat!”

As part of the innovative DragonFire Custom Shop program, you can choose the color, number, name and sponsor logos to create a high quality pre-printed background for your number plates. Don’t go for that race-ready look? No problem! Theme graphic panels are also readily available, including the American flag, Jolly Roger pirate motif, POW/MIA tribute and more. Simply log onto in order to see the wide array of options.

“Although we are better known for offering race-ready components, we know that not every UTV owner is a racer,” says DragonFire’s GM, Scott Highland. “So we developed the DragonSkins concept to allow for increased personalization by incorporating various lifestyles elements. This is just the first step in a comprehensive program that will enable any owner to enhance the visual appeal of their rig.”

The days of pie plates and duct tape graphics are over! “We have invested a tremendous amount of R&D into the entire 2012 product range,” concludes Highland. “And we are pretty proud of all the new products packed into our catalog, especially the DragonSkins program and the portal!”

For those DragonFire fans who can’t wait to “Feel The Heat” just log onto to access a downloadable .pdf of the new catalog, check out the Custom Shop link from the home page or “Like” DFR’s Facebook page at

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