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EVO Harness By DragonFire
EVO Harness By DragonFire

BlackOps Breaks Cover At Rally On The Rocks

Chandler, AZ, May 14, 2015 —The humble lap belt has finally evolved and the reEVOlution in harness technology has begun! The EVO Harness By DragonFire finally broke cover as part of DragonFire’s top secret BlackOps program that was rolled out at the Rally On The Rocks in Moab, Utah this weekend. The first of several innovative new products, DragonFire chose ROTR specifically for the debut of the EVO… and built a BlackOps RZR just for the occasion!

“Off-road trips are a great time to enjoy family and friends while exploring all that nature has to offer,” says DragonFire social media manager Chris Moore. “But at the end of the day, how do you remember your trip? Scenic views or sore shoulders?” Rally On The Rocks was the perfect place to unveil the EVO Harness. “Mobility and visibility are key to negotiating the infamous “SlickRock” found on the trails around Moab,” he says. “Craning your neck to see over impossible drops and around cliffside corners are par for the course.”

Of course one slip can spell in disaster, so DragonFire started with the basic drawbacks to conventional restraints and focused on the biggest complaints from a full day on the trails at Rally On The Rocks. “A certain level of fatigue and outright pain also come into play,” Moore admits. “Sore shoulders, neck chaffing and sensitive pressure points stemming from the racing harnesses designed decades ago… at least this is how we used to remember trips to Moab.” That was before DragonFire developed the EVO Harness.

“It really is survival of the fittest out there, so the EVO Harness by DragonFire was created to provide the perfect fit,” he adds. This revolutionary harness is the brainchild of countless hours on tight terrain, radical departure angles and extreme rock crawling. Designed for comfort, without sacrificing safety, the ballistic nylon straps are body-contoured to improve the range of motion.

“We had to change the way we think about fit first, so we started with the feel and reverse-engineered the rest.” From the fully adjustable sternum strap to the micro-suede collar trim and plush padding of the hip straps, this is the evolution of a superior species of harness technology. “The EVO Harness will change the way people think about protection, permanently,” concludes Moore.

Now that DragonFire’s BlackOps program has been declassified, more specifics of the EVO Harness by DragonFire can be found at:



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