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DragonFire and Elka Team up to Offer ProSpec Shocks

ProSpec Shocks by Elka Suspension
ProSpec Shocks by Elka Suspension

Suspension is arguably the most important factor in off-road driving… and often the most overlooked when it comes time to upgrade most UTVs. When the Side-X-Side craze first started the vehicles were too narrow and had little to offer in the suspension travel department, but now cars come from the factory with 12+ inches of travel and are wide enough to offer the performance you expect. However, one thing that is still lagging behind is the stock shocks! The backbone of a good suspension system, shocks can make or break an off-road experience. That’s why DragonFire has teamed up with the best in the business to create our replacement ProSpec Shocks by Elka. A direct replacement for stock, DragonFire’s ProSpec series utilize the OE mounting points… no welding or fabrication work required! They have been engineered using the highest quality materials to create a shock that can handle almost anything thrown at it. Add the ability to fine-tune every aspect of the shock to match specific needs, and there is little that can stop you. Run what the pros run with DragonFire ProSpec Shocks by Elka!


DragonFire ProSpec Shocks by Elka

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