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DFR Adds New Meaning to the Term “Race Pace”

To use a hackneyed — but often accurate — expression: “Slow and steady wins the race.” Originally attributed to the Tortoise and the Hare, that quotation sometime fits the bill for off-road races, too. But if slow and steady just isn’t in your DNA, check out our new Race Pace lineup of RZR parts and accessories.

Products and accessories in the DragonFire Racing Race Pace line are friendly on the paycheck, allowing you to build your ride to your specs over a period of time — or pay for the whole ball of wax at once. It’s your choice.

We create this line out of the understanding that unless you’re a trust fund baby or you’ve got a big corporate sponsor backing you up, chances are you have to add improvements to your off-road race vehicle in increments tied to your paycheck.

If that’s the case, we here at DragonFire Racing are offering a new, incrementally accessible armor system for your RZR that we’re calling the “Race Pace” program. What that means is, you can add a roll cage, bumper, and add other race-ready parts on your ride in steps rather than having to spend thousands upfront for an entire system.

For the racer without a sponsor, Race Pace is a wallet-friendly, affordable line that enables you to progressively upgrade your vehicle to look and run at the same “race pace” as the professional racers you follow and most likely think highly of.

Parts currently included in Race Pace lineup include:

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