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Dalton Clutch Kit Now Available for Polaris General 1000

Polaris General Clutch Kit
Polaris General Clutch Kit

2016 Polaris General 1000 – Over sized tires (28” and larger), as well as high elevation applications with any size tires.

The Polaris General comes with 27” tires. For 27” (and even some of the lighter 28” trail type) tires, 0-3500’ elevation, typical mixed use and trails the vehicle has clutching that is fairly well suited for general use. The General 1000 is a similar platform to the RZR 1000 S, however, it does have different lower gearing and characteristics. It is not always necessary to re-clutch every application and with stock tires this vehicle performs quite well in stock form.
Larger tires hurt performance.

Improved belt life and performance after adding larger tires.
One clutch kit can be set up for different tires and conditions mean accurate clutch tuning for your situation. Improved acceleration and back shifting as the vehicle comes under load.
This kit is for the described tire sizes, but for those who alternate back to stock tire sizes seasonally, it can be set up for 27” by adding the optional secondary spring DPSS-B/BL-T (Black/Blue).

This kit includes Dalton Quick Adjust flyweights and a detailed “set up guide” that show how to set up the kit for each application.

Kit part # DUV P10G

MSRP US $439

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