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Who doesn’’t love a kickin’ stereo? Having some tunes cranking out of a quality sound system in your street car is mandatory, so why not in your UTV? For the vehicles we put the most seat time in, a high-quality stereo is one of the first things we call for. Enter SSV Works.

During the recent Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa, California, our rock crawler Teryx was positioned in the SSV booth, showing off a beautiful sound system that added quite a bit of entertainment to our off-road drives.

Kawasaki Teryx
Our Kawasaki Teryx at the 2014 Sand Sports Super Show

SSV Works is the premier manufacturer and originator of weatherproof audio systems for Side X Side Vehicles. In 2005, SSV displayed the first ever customized Yamaha Rhino seen at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV. Teaming up with other manufacturers, SSV outfitted their UTV with a host of aftermarket accessories, including seats, long travel suspension, and a customized audio system. The response was overwhelmingly popular, allowing SSV to evolve their product offerings. In 2006, SSV Works began shipping its first products off the assembly lines to awaiting customers in a brand new market where UTVs had never existed before.

They then set out to make audio installs easier and sound even better. Quality is key, and products repurposed from the marine or automotive industry weren’t a good solution. With over 40 years of audio design, manufacturing, and automotive experience servicing the aftermarket and OEM, SSV identified an opportunity to offer customers a better solution. SSV Works developed custom molded, vehicle-specific speaker enclosures and subwoofer enclosures for Side by Side Vehicles, such as the Yamaha Rhino, Kawasaki Teryx, Polaris RZR and Ranger and Arctic Cat Prowler.

Customers could now properly install stereos in their own vehicles, and achieve the best possible sound quality and bass response by utilizing a sealed, weatherproof, marine-grade fiberglass enclosure for their speakers. All of the machine-laid fiberglass enclosures are molded to fit the curves and pockets of your specific UTV, mounting neatly and tightly up out of the way.

SSV Works Speaker Pods
SSV Works Speaker Pods

All SSV Works enclosures are 100% fiberglass for the best sound quality and bass response. These enclosures are finished in black texture coat to match factory textures, and can be custom-painted or wrapped to match any color scheme. SSV Works pods include stainless mounting hardware and step-by-step instructions to offer an easy and complete installation.

The desert, dunes and mud bogs are some of the harshest environments around, and definitely not what car audio gear was meant to endure. Even with marine radio covers, SSV would routinely see CD players fail within 2 trips. They needed a better solution. SSV Works revolutionized the process again by developing the SSV Works ‘no radio needed’ kit, which allowed customers to directly connect their iPod or MP3 players to a weatherproof input in the glove box or dash. Volume was controlled via a dash-mount volume knob and powered by an 800 watt amplifier. Stereos were now loud, clear, and durable. SSV included marine grade speakers, vehicle specific wiring kits, and easy step-by-step instructions, offering customers the first truly complete DIY audio systems.

Polaris RZR XP4 1000 Speaker Pods
Speaker Pods in our RZR XP4 1000

We have also recently installed one of SSV Works’ 5-speaker stereo systems in our 2015 Polaris RZR 4 XP 1000. The two front speaker pods sit up under the dash in the kick panels, requiring only minor drilling to install. SSV included all of the necessary wiring to install the kit, and we mounted the amplifier up under the RZR’s dash to keep it out of the elements. The two rear speakers hang in fiberglass pods behind the rear seats, and the subwoofer enclosure sits behind the rear seats in front of the engine. The whole stereo is nicely tucked into the RZR’s body panels, up out of the elements. The sound from the system is incredible, and plugging in any smartphone or MP3 player is a breeze.

After years product testing, trail riding, and customer feedback, SSV found not all customers use their machines the same way. The trails in the West are dry, dusty and fast. The trails in the South are low, slow and muddy. They knew they needed to design different systems for different customers. Sealed speaker pods are great, but don’t work under water. The guys down South love high lifts, tall snorkels and big tires. SSV then built a system that could be installed into the highest possible part of their UTV, the overhead roll cage.

Weather Proof Audio System
SSV Works Weather Proof systems

The SSV Works Weather Proof system is totally self-contained, protected from the elements, provides a secure place for your media player, and can be installed in less than 20 minutes. The simplicity and sound quality of this system again revolutionized the Power Sports audio industry. As technology evolved, so has the SSV Works WP (Water Proof) system, featuring wireless Bluetooth audio, digital amplifiers, and 6-8 speaker systems for 2 and 4 seat vehicles. All systems are designed around a simple to install, true DIY weatherproof platform.

Stereo shops loved SSV products too, as it made their installations quicker, easier, more durable, and more affordable to their customers. More efficient installs mean stereo shops can complete customer cars in hours instead of days, while providing a factory-fit custom install.

SSV works is currently the only purpose-built audio system designed to hold up to the rigors of all-weather off-road use. This is the reason their products are used by customers and shops around the world, and why SSV Works is the first choice to provide OEM quality systems for Polaris Industries and Yamaha Motor Corporation.

SSV Works products are available for immediate delivery. For more information visit or email

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