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Can-Am Commander Muzzys Dual Exhaust

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Can-Am Commander 1000 Dual Exhaust

Can-Am Commander – Dual Exhaust


TheMuzzys Can-Am Commander exhaust features large diameter, triple stepped head pipes that merge into the exclusive Muzzy siamese collector and out into large diameter 16″ mufflers. The 2-1-2 design achieves proper scavenging with no restriction in flow. The result is seemingly unlimited top end power with low and mid range increases that ordinary dual exhaust systems can’t touch.

  • Designed exclusively for the Can-Am Commander 1000
  • Large diameter triple stepped head pipes
  • Exclusive siamese collector increases low and mid range power
  • Large diameter dual oval aluminum mufflers (available in brushed, polished or black teflon)
  • Billet aluminum muffler mounting brackets
  • Front and rear oxygen sensor bungs
  • USFS approved spark arrestors and quiet cores
  • Awesome V-Twin Sound – 96dB (92 with optional Whisper Cores)

Digi-Tune Pro – Taking air/fuel tuning to the next level, the Muzzy Digi-Tune PRO uses the latest technology to provide one of the easiest and most accurate methods of tuning the Can-Am Commander.

The Muzzy Digi-Tune PRO comes pre-programmed and optimized for the Commander 1000. There is no mapping or re-mapping necessary. Adjustments for elevation and/or modifications can be done “on-the-fly” using three buttons on the faceplate.

What sets the new PRO version apart from the standard Digitune is the ability to remove fuel from the stock curve. Additionally, the Digi-Tune PRO includes the ability to run in full Closed-Loop mode by connecting the 0-5 volt input lead to the corresponding output on an air/fuel meter such as theWego III*. The Digi-Tune PRO will use the input voltage to keep the air/fuel mixture within a pre-configured range. Closed-Loop mode eliminates the need to make manual adjustments for elevation or weather change.

Why it is better?:
The Digi-Tune is a load based fuel adder which works with the factory ECU. The Digi-Tune’s simple push button interface and powerful load based technology renders complex table-based throttle position and RPM re-mapping systems a thing of the past.

Load Based Tuning:
The Digi-Tune ushers in the latest in tuning science – gone is the old throttle position and RPM (Alpha-N) based tuning, replaced by a powerful and highly effective LOAD BASED tuning methodology. Load based tuning is superior to old school systems because different CVT ratios place different loads on the engine. RPM and throttle position based systems cannot tell the difference from one ratio to another. The Digi-Tune knows the difference and adds the proper amount of fuel for every gear ratio, in every situation.


I have the race exhaust with the lower bed delete, black teflon mufflers, and Whisper Cores.

The exhaust has a bit more of a throaty sound to it, but with the Whisper Cores, it is very close to the sound output from the stock exhaust.  I do not care for loud exhaust, so this is perfect for me.

The tuning with the Digi-Tune is spot on.  Very smooth power delivery under all throttle and load conditions.

The only item I don’t quite care for is the looks of the system with the lower bed removed.  I am hoping that some aftermarket company sees the value to producing something to finish off the lower bed area or comes up with a complete bed replacement that replaces the top/inner bed and does something with the lower area.

Muzzys has two other exhaust options for the Commander if keeping the lower bed is important.

Muzzys Can-Am Commander Sport ExhaustMuzzys Can-Am Commander Standard Exhaust

Other Photos:

Can-Am Commander Dual Exhaust - TeflonCan-Am Commander Dual Exhaust - AluminumMuzzys Whisper Core insertElka shocks and Muzzys exhaust - Can-Am Comander 1000

Can-Am Commander 1000 XT at Sand MountainCan-Am Commander 1000 XT at Sand MountainCan-Am Commander 1000 XT at Sand Mountain

Manufacturer Info:

Muzzys, Inc.

Phone: 541-385-0706

Website: www.muzzys.com

Muzzys was established in 1988 by Rob Muzzy to offer “factory” level racing engines to the privateer as well as high performance exhaust systems. Rob’s racing endeavors have earned him 21 AMA National Championships in Superbike, Supersport, Drag Racing, Dirt Track, Motocross plus a World Superbike Championship. This Championship winning experience goes into every product that Muzzys manufactures.
Muzzys’ latest racing efforts have helped to create industry leading exhaust systems and performance engine upgrades for all popular Side x Side UTVs.

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