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Cognito Motorsports Polaris RZR 170 Transmission Pinion Shaft Upgrade Kit

Polaris RZR 170 Transmission Pinion Shaft Upgrade Kit

Cognito Motorsports is proud to jump start our Polaris RZR 170 product line with a much-needed transmission enhancement.

The Transmission Pinion Shaft Upgrade Kit replaces the rear transmission pinion cover and the pinion gear shaft. The rear cover has a bearing added and the shaft has a long nose to connect with the added bearing to support the pinion gear and shaft to help strengthen the transmission case and help prevent it from cracking. Load on the transmission from the chain pulling on it under power is the main reason this area of the transmission fails. Under this load, the stock upper motor mount can flex and also fail, along with causing the stock pinion shaft to deflect and break the transmission housing. Along with this pinion upgrade kit, the upper motor mount right next to the transmission also needs to be reinforced. This pinion shaft upgrade kit will replace the stock pinion shaft, which does not have a wide bearing spread. This upgraded shaft and cover, widens the bearing spread drastically to help keep the pinion shaft from deflecting like it does stock. Also, note that a new gasket may be required if it is damaged while removing the main transmission cover for installation. This upgrade can be done without removing the engine from the car.

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