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  • Joyner

    Joyner Renegade

    Joyner Renegade R2Information: Joyner Renegade R2 Specifications:812cc engine with EFI5 speed manual with granny 1st gearNo low rangeDry weight - 1433 lbs.2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive with lockers front &…

  • Joyner

    Joyner Trooper

    Joyner Trooper T2Information: Joyner Trooper T2  Specifications:1083cc EFI 4x4 4-Cylinder 4-Stroke 86 Engine HorsePower 5spd Manual w/ Reverse 10 Gallon Fuel Tank 55-65 MPH Travel Front: 10-12” Rear 10-12” Ground Clearance: 13”…