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Can-Am is Searching For The True Maverick

Can-Am Maverick
Can-Am Maverick
By now, you’ve seen or heard about the first-ever 101-horsepower SxS, the Can-Am Maverick. Although it’s not available in dealerships until spring, we know you want to ride one. We’re here to help with the chance of a lifetime.
What does it take?
We are looking for the TRUE MAVERICK to become immortalized as THE face of Can-Am SxS riding and star in his or her own online show! And here’s the best part — if you pass the show’s challenges, YOU’LL WIN A BRAND NEW MAVERICK. To be chosen, you have to be someone that stands out from the crowd. We’re not only looking for a great dune rider, but someone with an outgoing personality. If you are an outgoing person that makes friends easily and rides the dunes harder than anyone you know, find out how to enter below!
Want to be famous and potentially win a brand new Maverick? Apply here!
Answer the following questions and email to
  • Why do you deserve to be the True Maverick?
  • What has you most intrigued about the new Can-Am Maverick?
  • Describe your sand and dune riding experience.
  • What ATVs or SxS’s do you currently own?
  • Are you able to attend all four days of the following event?
  • Glamis, California, November 22-25
  • Include your full name, street address, city, state, zip code, and phone number in your email.
  • Send us any photos or video links you may have that help prove you are a True Maverick.
Note: Proper safety gear and safe riding are required for consideration of videos and photos. If you don’t have a helmet and responsible riding gear, we won’t use the video or photo.


More Details: We’re Searching For The True Maverick

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