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Can-Am Defender FOX Shock Upgrade

Can-Am Defender

The Can-Am Defender is a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts and professionals who need a reliable and capable utility vehicle for tackling tough terrain and getting work done. Designed primarily as a work vehicle for farms, ranches, job sites, and a hunting vehicle, shock performance is lower on the priority list of features. While the Can-Am Defender is a great vehicle, if you wanted to drive more aggressively over rough terrain,  it is fairly easy to figure out the shocks just aren’t up to the task. Thankfully Shock Therapy now has a Can-Am Defender FOX Shock Upgrade available that is a game changer!

Shock Therapy started with the FOX Performance Series 2.0 Podium QS3 shock, then added Shock Therapy springs to create a kit that is a direct bolt-on four-corner replacement for your stock Can-Am Defender HD10 shocks and springs. Take your Defender from a capable utility vehicle to a full-on sport vehicle to tackle the kind of off-road terrain that will leave you grinning ear to ear.

FOX Podium Series QS3 Shock

FOX Podium Series QS3 Shock + Shock Therapy Springs for the Can-Am Defender

The FOX Podium 2.0 QS3 shocks replace your stock emulsion shocks with an internal floating piston (IFP) system housed in the piggyback reservoirs to keep the gas charge from mixing with the shock oil. This keeps the oil from effectively thinning out and losing damping control as the shocks get worked over washboards, rocks, and big dips.

FOX QS3 Shock Compression Adjuster

FOX QS3 Shock Compression Adjuster

The springs on the Defender’s stock shocks are fairly soft to give you a comfortable ride. Shock Therapy wanted to retain that level of comfort but also keep you from bottoming out at speed over the rough stuff. Using a combination of sophisticated valving and spring rate, Shock Therapy was able to ride trails that normally test aggressive sport UTVs without bottoming but still enjoy a ride as smooth as stock.

These shocks are rebuildable and also feature pre-load adjustment.

For more information, click here -> Can-Am Defender FOX Shock Upgrade.

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