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Baja Designs Moisture Block cord

San Marcos, CA – May 7th, 2013 – Baja Designs’ Scientists constantly research the latest technologies for ways to make their LED lights better. Their new Moisture Block cord is an innovative new technology that solves one of the biggest problems that plagues LED lights – water in the light. Moisture Block completely stops water from wicking its way up the cord and into the lights.

“Our lights have to be impervious to pretty much everything – dust, rain, snow, water crossings and collisions to name a few,” says founder and Chief Engineer Alan Roach. “Our new Moisture Block cord system is a fail-safe way to make sure that our lights are 100% waterproof no matter how harsh the conditions are and even if the customer cuts off our waterproof connector,” says Roach.

The Moisture Block functions exactly to its name, completely blocking moisture or water from working it’s way through the cord and into your LED light. Even if you cut the connector off, your light is still waterproof and you won‘t void your warranty. Moisture Block, another great innovation in lighting from the Scientists of Lighting at Baja Designs.

In other news, the Baja Designs’ Scientists of Lighting have yet another “bright” idea made better. Squadron and SII LED lights are now available in an attractive and salt water resistant white coating. These MIL-SPEC lights provide amazing light output with incredible functionality and customization.

“The Squadron and SII LED lights have been used in every imaginable condition and surpassed our expectations every time” says BD Engineer Tex Mitchell.

“I am an avid fishing enthusiast and as everyone knows, boat deck lighting can be power hungry and extremely fatiguing to the human eye,” says Mitchell. “The Squadron and SII are available in four patterns and utilize uService™ technology which gives the pattern choices and customization that has been lacking in the marine market. On top of that, the 5000 kelvin color temperature is comfortable to the eye and provides excellent color recognition.”

BD’s marine white Squadron and SII LED lights boast the same quality and construction that has been proven in off road, agriculture, and military applications for more than 20 years.

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