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Bower Power Hour Season 1 Comes to a Close

Hello fellow off-roaders, I’m Charlene Bower coming to you from the Bower Media world headquarters in Arizona for this special episode of Bower Power Hour. I am very excited to wrap up Season one of Bower Power Hour and highlight some of my favorite parts of the 12 hours and 32 guest interviews that we have shared to date!

There is no way that Bower Power Hour could have launched without the support of BFGoodrich Tires, Discount Tire and Kicker Audio. When you are thinking about your next purchase in the tire, wheels or personal stereo categories, I would really appreciate that you consider these brands that have a strong commitment to quality and service.

What can I say about Season 1 – let’s start with it has been an awesome learning curve! It’s been a bumpy road, we’ve even been on the edge of a couple cliffs and hit some pretty significant diff rocks along the way, but with some strategic driving maneuvers, we have carried on down the trail. We just keep looking ahead and hopefully the road continues to get much smoother.

Like I told you way back in Episode 1, this show wasn’t my idea. But, I have taken the bull by the horns and turned it into a Bower Media project and something that I feel will withstand the test of time. With every episode we’ve gotten better and better. My speech has gotten better, our interviews are running smoother, it’s going great! Yes, I still say SO a lot, but I am trying to break that habit.

Our production team is nailing the post-production work. With each download we get better and faster. Little did we know that it would take over 8 hours for a one-hour episode to upload onto all 7 of our watch or listen outlets. Then we release it to you via our fancy website, newsletters, press releases and all of our social media outlets. Added the mix, I kept coming up with crazy, or maybe awesome, ideas to keep making the show better. I have goals folks, big goals!

The single undisputed benefit about the show, is our line up of guests. They have been, hands down, amazing. I appreciate everyone for taking the time to be part of the show and letting us dig out your story. I believe everyone has a story, it is just a matter asking the right questions.

With that being said, I went back to watch all of season one again and pick out a snippet from each of the guests. I hope that you find these as interesting or entertaining as I did. You know, you can go to our Bower Power Hour website and click on guests to see the pages for each, which also has the links to their full show interview. Take some time, go dig around, you may find a gem or two that you didn’t know about before.

In conclusion to this very special episode, I would like to thank everyone that has believed in this somewhat crazy project. Matt, my parents Ben & Deanna and my brother Brent who have always stood behind or beside me as I have grown Bower Media. Our production team including Gabriel Arnn and Shelby Benson who make the show happen behind the camera and on the computers. and Thank you to our partners BFGoodrich Tires, Discount Tire and Kicker Audio, and the great folks behind each of those company names that believed in this project.

I sincerely want to thank each of you that is watching and enjoying these shows. I’m not making these shows for me, I’m doing this for you I could have conversations with any of these guests while hanging out in the pool, but I want to let you in on their exciting stories too. Hey, there’s an idea for an upcoming season….interviews from the pool. See that is how these crazy ideas start! Anyways, Thank you all for being awesome, I do appreciate it. If you have any questions or guest suggestions, please never hesitate to reach out via our website Bower Power Hour (dot) com and click on “Let’s Chat” to send me an email, or go to any one of our social media sites and message me. We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter almost everyday. We love to hear your feedback and ideas.

I can hardly wait for season 2 to roll out next week. Did I tell you we have a whole new look? Time for me to get back to work writing press releases! Until next season, have a great week in the dirt!

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