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Billet Clutch Cover for the Kawasaki Teryx Now Available

Kawasaki Teryx Billet Clutch Cover

Want an extra 4 – 6 MPH out of your Kawasaki Teryx? Well here it is the new billet overdrive clutch cap from Dasaracing. Once installed it will allow more belt travel for increased top end speed. Just bolt this Dasaracing Teryx billet overdrive clutch cover on in place of the existing stock cover plate. No machining or modification of the drive clutch is necessary and you can go back to stock at any time. Some companies machine out the stock covers. We have seen failures by machining out the stock cover. So we designed this FULL BILLET Teryx overdrive cover for increased strength, better cooling and lighter weight over the stock cover. This cover is actually almost 6 ounces lighter then the stock cover. The Dasaracing billet clutch cap also features a built in fan blade design to help keep the clutch cool.
MSRP: $195.00
Dasa Racing can be reached by phone at: 951.681.1131 or on the web at:

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