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Baja Designs’ OnX LEDs Light Up New Horizons

Baja Designs High Speed OnX Light Bar

After months of racer testing in brutal conditions, Baja Designs has opened their vault and released to the public the long awaited High Speed OnX. The High Speed OnX features the in-house designed High Speed Spot™ optic unique to Baja Designs. The Scientists of Lighting™ at BD have rigorously tested and refined the High Speed Spot optic to achieve distances never before documented by an auxiliary LED light.

 “For years, LED technology was not capable of being focused enough to be practical for high speed use so the driver would out run the light,” says Chief Engineer Alan Roach. “With the release of our OnX LED bar we have demonstrated that LED technology has evolved by leaps and bounds and is finally ready for the big leagues. I personally drove a Trophy Truck at over 115 mph with the prototype High Speed Spot and with some small improvements, the production version is even better.”

 Proving Roach’s point, the OnX was the first light across the finish line in the 2012 Baja 1000 and was also the light of choice on three more of the top ten overall Baja 1000 finishers. Since then, the OnX has gone on to win many other grueling races which solidifies BD’s reputation for both amazing light output and durability. OnX V-Strom OnX Double The Scientists of Lighting at BD have added even more functionality to the OnX. The OnX already includes High, Medium and Strobe modes and now BD is offering a Dual Controlled OnX LED light bar. The new Dual Controlled system allows the OnX to not only be controlled in two different sections, but both sections will have all three modes and can be produced in multiple color combinations. Zog

In other news: Baja Designs’ uService(tm) technology allows you to customize your LED beam pattern and color at any time based on ever changing terrain and weather. Check out the hotlinked video for a brief demonstration of BD’s new Dual Controlled OnX LED light bar.

  ABOUT BAJA DESIGNS: Since 1992 Baja Designs has been driven to provide high quality, custom off-road equipment utilizing technical innovations backed by real world and racing experience. Originally the leading supplier of street-legal Dual-Sport Kits, Baja Designs has matured to become the premier supplier of off-road race lighting, as well many other bike, truck, ATV, mining, industrial and agricultural lighting products. Countless racing wins have earned Baja Designs a solid reputation in the powersports and motorsports industries as well as being selected as a supplier to the U.S. Special Forces. Baja Designs, the Scientists of Lighting, continuously bring you … bright ideas made better!

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