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Bad Boy Mowers Intimidator Review

Bad Boy Mowers Intimidator Review

Bad Boy Intimidator
Bad Boy Intimidator Diesel

By Rick Sosebee

Coming into the world of SXS has always been a risky yet potentially profitable proposition for any manufacturer and with the acceleration we have seen in the SXS market the last few years it is also very competitive. This has not however stopped a Batesville Arkansas company who is better known for the baddest mowers in the industry. Bad Boy mowers have developed a line of very hard working UTV’s that are interestingly enough known as the “Intimidator”. This Intimidator working brand has several formats from gas to electric and even in diesel, which we had the chance to get a closer look at during a recent event.

The Intimidator 1000cc diesel XD4 as we tested it looks so tough sitting still that it reminded me of a small truck. The heavy components used really stand out. From the 1.25-inch diameter tubing used on the A-Arms to the super large front and rear differentials it is evident that this machine can handle some abuse. I wont spoil it just yet so lets take a look at the specifics before I give you my thoughts.

Drive Line:

Bad Boy Intimidator DieselUtilizing a Kohler Diesel engine the Intimidator 1000 brings mounds of stump pulling torque and power to haul many pounds of cargo. Early horsepower numbers are in the area of 24hp and the torque rating is up to 47ft pounds. The glow plug assisted fuel injection system on the Intimidator diesel ensures quick starts and great acceleration. The engineers also thought of a really cool detail in the engine compartment as well with a back up recoil starter in case the electric push button start goes weak. Liquid cooling the big diesel is no problem with a circulation pump and electric fan in case the temps get on up higher. The power from the Kohler diesel is then transferred to the automatic CVT belt drive transmission, which offers a selection of Park, Neutral, High, Low and Reverse. This 2WD Intimidator with 4WD selection will get up to 35mph for the quick run back to the barn.

Pulling heavy loads is yet another great feature for the Intimidator 1000 diesel as it boasts the highest towing capacity in its class at a massive 2100 pounds. This beast will also haul 1200lb in the cargo bed, which is about what most UTV’s in this segment will only tow along. The total vehicle payload is 1700lb’s and that is some serious weight. With dual front and rear receiver hitches the Intimidator is ready to work from either end. The front tongue weight is around 300lbs with the ability to add implements such as a snowplow.

Bad Boy Intimidator DieselUtilizing automotive style equipment is the key to the Intimidator as the bearings in the wheels are just shy of the size you would find in a small truck. The brake rotors are also slip on style units just like your car and 10.25-inches in diameter that makes them totally different than the standard bolt on thin discs you find on competitors models. With four-wheel dual piston calipers clamping down the brakes are sufficient.  We had made mention of the huge 1.25-inch tubular steel A-Arms up front and this seems to be the motto throughout the entire chassis. The arms yield 10-inches of travel using coil over gas charged shocks to soften the blows on the trails. The center of this machine gives up 11.5-inches of frame to ground clearance which should get you over most trail obstacles and allow height for clearing deep ruts.

Passenger Compartment:

Bad Boy Intimidator DieselSitting in the Intimidator 1000 XD4 diesel you will immediately notice the plush and spacious seats that are indeed high back for a softer more secure feeling ride. Although the center console is an accessory for the base model it does come in the XD4 model offered as an upgrade. This base Intimidator typically seats three passengers comfortably and seems to give up much needed legroom in the floor for both the side seated passengers as well as ample room for the third in the middle. The rugged floor provides ribbed thermoformed footing to help keep your feet planted still during the ride.  The Intimidator brand boasts the largest cab in class and I think we can attest to it being very large and comfortable.

The center of the dash on our Intimidator XD4 model has a very interesting console of entertainment by Jensen Heavy Duty. This JHD40BT is not only a great AM/FM tuner but it is also Bluetooth capable. This gives the worker plenty of options and keeping the motivation to work up is as easy as twisting up the volume.

Bad Boy Intimidator DieselWhere safety is concerned the engineers at Bad Boy Mowers left nothing to chance. The three point automotive style belts keep you seated and the trick side nets add extra protection from the side forces. The really trick latch system works by easily pulling back on the red strap to unlatch and just push the mouth of the latch back over the steel hook to re latch. Crazy easy and one more of those “why didn’t we think of that” type connections. The cage on the Intimidator is ROPS certified and is built from 1.75-inch tubing to be strong in the event of a accident.

Final thoughts:

During a recent event in Jacksonville Texas we had the chance to inspect and even briefly drive the Intimidator XD4 in its 1000cc diesel form. This machine has the look from the outside of an NFL linebacker with its really huge suspension arms, extra large front and rear differentials and bold diesel sound. As soon as we sat down in the machine it was apparent that someone at the cab design segment of the Intimidator knew he or she wanted to be comfortable. The huge seats seem to soak you in and feel like a big rig seat. The lumbar support was noticed right off and with the center console it was as if I had sat down in a nice pick up truck.

The powerful diesel fired right up and for a brief while we cruised around the hills and fields of Jacksonville Texas. The Intimidator has no power steering yet for the time we drove around I did not know this and thought the entire time I had just missed that part of the specification sheet. It wasn’t until we stopped back at the trailer that I was then informed by Mike Mitchell that it had precision engineered geometry that allowed the driver to feel as if it was working with power steering. It really does feel like it has power assist even in 4WD!

The power is very fluid from the Kohler diesel engine and although it is no speed machine we felt as if we could pull a big rig with this machine. Climbing steep grades the Intimidator felt very comfortable and sure-footed. Coming back down those same hills the brakes really showed their effort as the machine never flinched when I pressed the pedal but simply worked as you would want them to which was very good. The pedal was solid and felt substantial when braking.

To have an opportunity to drive a machine like the Intimidator is indeed satisfying to say the least but the real test will come when we have the chance to drive this machine for days and weeks on end. By the looks and initial feel of the Intimidator 1000 XD4 the Batesville Arkansas manufacturer will have their hands full with orders providing the daily use of the machine can hold up to the claims. We suspect it will do just fine!


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Bad Boy Mowers Intimidator>Bad Boy Mowers Intimidator>Bad Boy Mowers Intimidator>

Intimidator XD4 Specifications:

Frame Powder Coated Fusion-Bonded Solid Steel Bridge Frame Powder Coated Fusion-Bonded Solid Steel Bridge Frame
Body Automotive Quality Acrylic Plastic Automotive Quality Acrylic Plastic
Front Tires 27x10x14 – 6 ply 27x10x14 – 6 ply
Rear Tires 27x12x14 – 6 ply 27x12x14 – 6 ply
Wheels 14″ Wheels 14″ Wheels
Front & Rear Suspension Dual A-Arm Independent Dual A-Arm Independent
Steering Rack And Pinion Rack And Pinion
Braking System 4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc 4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc
Parking System 4 Wheel Gear Lock with additional Parking Gear 4 Wheel Gear Lock with additional Parking Gear
Seating 3 Forward Facing Occupant Bench Seat 3 Forward Facing Occupant Bench Seat
Bed Dump Manual With Gas Assist Manual With Gas Assist
Auxiliary Power 12 Volt Auxiliary Plug 12 Volt Auxiliary Plug
Hitch 2″ Receiver Standard 2″ Receiver Standard
Cargo Bed Space 36×56.5×13 36×56.5×13
Fuel Capacity 10 Gallons 10 Gallons
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty
Drive System    
Engine 26HP Kohler Diesel Engine 750CC Kohler 25 HP Fuel Injected Engine
Bore x Stroke 75mm X 77.6 83mm x 69.9 mm
Compression Ratio 22, 8:1 9.1:1
Displacement 1028cc 750cc
Carbureator Fuel Injection (glow plug assisted) Electronic Fuel Injected Throttle Body
Final Drive Shaft Driven Shaft Driven
Automatic CVT Low/Hi/Neutral/Reverse/Park Low/Hi/Neutral/Reverse/Park
Drive System 2WD, Electronic 4WD Selection 2WD, Electronic 4WD Selection
Cooling Liquid Pump Circulation with Electric Fan Air Circulation with Electric Fan
Ignition Electronic Electronic
Starting Electric Start With Backup Recoil Starter Electric Start With Backup Recoil Starter
MAX Horsepower 26HP 25HP
MAX Torque Engine 74 FT. LB @ 3600 RPM 40.4 FT. LB @ 2800 RPM
Fuel Type Diesel (meets ASTM D-975-1D or 2D, EN590, or equivalent) 87 Octane Gasoline (10% Ethanol Max)
Engine Oil Type SAE10-30W Engine Lubricant SAE10-30W Engine Lubricant
Speed Up To 35 MPH Up To 35 MPH
Weight 1695 lbs. 1571 lbs.
Length 113″ 113″
Width 63″ 63″
Height 78″ 78″
Turning Radius 103″ 103″
Wheelbase 77″ 77″
Frame Clearance 11 1/2″ 11 1/2″
Suspension Travel 10″ Total Suspension Travel 10″ Total Suspension Travel
Cargo Bed Capacity 1200 lbs. 1000 lbs.
Vehicle Payload 1700 lbs. 1700 lbs.
Towing Capacity 2100 lbs. 2000 lbs.
Protection 1.75″ Diameter Tubing Five Piece ROPS 1.75″ Diameter Tubing Five Piece ROPS
Front Protection 1.75″ Diameter Tubing Bumper/Brush Guard 1.75″ Diameter Tubing Bumper/Brush Guard
Passenger Restraints 3 Point DOT Approved Restraint Belts 3 Point DOT Approved Restraint Belts
Foot Restraint Standard on Every Unit Standard on Every Unit
Shift Indicator 5 Position Gear Indicator 5 Position Gear Indicator
Headlights High and Low Beam Head Lights High and Low Beam Head Lights
Brake/Tail Light Standard on Every Unit Standard on Every Unit

Manufacturer Info:

Bad Boy, Inc. began in 1998, and since the first zero-turn mower was made, our goal has been the same: Build a better product for a better value. It’s been the dogged pursuit of that vision that has firmly established Bad Boy’s reputation for reliability, power and durability. Bad Boy’s innovation, attention to quality and value has rapidly earned respect throughout the power equipment industry. With our unique 5-Point Advantage, every Bad Boy zero-turn mower is designed to be easy-to-operate, easy of maintain, and last for years with its ruggedness, power and reliability.

Manufactured in and built in the heart of the United States in Batesville, Arkansas, Bad Boy Mowers and Utility Vehicles are sold through a nationwide dealer network.

Website:  www.badboymowers.com

Phone: 866-622-3269

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