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Assault Industries Introduces New Combat Series Mirrors

SxS/UTV mirrors

Assault Industries NEW “COMBAT MIRROR” exterior SxS/UTV mirrors. Assault Industries has produced a high quality UTV mirror that’s machined from a solid block of billet 6061 T6 aluminum for strength and durability. Not only do they have huge durability and strength, They also come in different colors to match your ride. This new 3rd gen combat mirror is also fully adjustable like the Stealth Series Mirrors.


Direct link: Combat Series UTV Mirrors

About Assault Industries
Assault Industries has been MANUFACTURING parts for UTV/Side by Side, ATV and the motorcycle Industry for over 20 years. Working with OEM CUSTOMERS LIKE, Yamaha, Honda, and Harley Davidson, has given us an advantage to understanding the high standards of quality, on time delivery and most of all… customer service. Our manufacturing facility is located in Orange County, California. Assault Industries has state of the art equipment to handle CNC Machining, Sheet metal fabrication, Tube Bending and welding. They have been in Business manufacturing for the off road, military, aerospace, medical, automobile, motorcycle and bike industry, since 1982! With the commitment of developing the best, strongest, Innovative products available in the industry… for today’s warrior.

Head over to WWW.ASSAULTIND.COM to invest in something that’s turning heads in design and quality!

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