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Assault Industries Black Ops On-The-Go UTV Tool Kit

The Assault Industries Black-Ops On-the-go UTV tool kit originated as a collaborative effort with Boxo tools to provide a high quality solution for UTV enthusiasts with the most commonly used tools for these vehicles. We went through their entire catalog and hand-selected specific items that we use most in our shop and keep on us out on the trail.

This kit is tailored to fit the needs of most UTV enthusiasts looking for a simple, lightweight solution that has everything, can be mounted in the vehicle and doesn’t make noise! This kit without carrying case is a $455+ value via Boxo! 

Roll-up Storage Pouch – Maximize space & organization, minimize noise! 
The pouch was designed and redesigned a number of times to ensure that we could accommodate the growing list of tools needed to complete the kit! Each individual compartment is made to fit its respective tool and prevents them from clanging against other tools! If you have ever been on the trail with loose tools in a bag or tool box the noise can get annoying quickly! 


  • Tailored to work with most UTV’s
  • Custom made storage pouch
  • Premium quality Boxo tools
  • No noise design
  • Mountable
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with integrated handle
  • All common metric, Torx series tools
Assault Industries Black Ops On-The-Go UTV Tool Kit

Assault Industries Black Ops On-The-Go UTV Tool Kit


Hammer Locking pliers 
3/8, 1/4 ratchets Hex key and Torx sets
Adjustable wrench Phillips and flathead screw drivers
1/4 drive 8mm socket Needle nose pliers
9, 10, 13mm sockets 8-19mm combination wrenches
T30, T40 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16, 17mm sockets
1/4, 3/8 short extensions 1/2 breaker bar
3/8 drive 5/8 spark plug socket 1/2 drive extension
3/8 drive 13/16 spark plug socket Carrying case

Assault Industries Black Ops On-The-Go UTV Tool Kit


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