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Army’s CoCreate proof-of-concept community to design Mobile Command Post using Kawasaki Teryx

Kawasaki Teryx
The Mobile Command Post (Mobile CP), a concept originally submitted by community member ProPatria entitled “Squad Mission Equipment Transport”, has been chosen as a project to be designed and built as part of the Army’s CoCreate proof-of-concept. Community members will collaborate online with the Community Managers to develop the project design(s), followed by two physical make-a-thon events executed by engineers and Soldiers at Ft. Benning, GA. The first make-a-thon will occur during the week of December 9-13, 2013 and will primarily focus on design concepts, Soldier-driven requirements, and first iteration prototyping. The second make-a-thon, held during the week of January 13-16, 2014 will further refine and modify the community-developed Mobile Command Post design.
Modify Kawasaki Teryx 750cc all-terrain vehicle(s) to serve as a Mobile Command Post that supports dismounted Soldier operations. Assets should be focused on platoon and company sized elements; approximately 30-150 Soldiers. The effort during the make-a-thons will focus on a manually operated vehicle; however, based on input from Community members, design engineers and the Soldiers at Ft. Benning, GA, modifications to the platform may include adjustments for remote, semi-autonomous or autonomous operation. As such, modifications made to the platform should not preclude future changes to accommodate these forms of control.
The vehicle should house equipment that enhances the operational effectiveness of dismounted patrols. This can include improvements in communications, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and situational awareness, among others. Vehicle design modifications should account for a plug-and-play capability to allow operators to add or remove technology components on the Mobile Command Post to meet specific mission requirements.
  • Mobility – Modifications to the platform must not significantly degrade the all-terrain mobility of the vehicle.
  • Weight – The weight of the added equipment should not significantly degrade the mobility of the vehicle.
  • Visibility – Driver and front seat passenger visibility shall be maximized to the extent possible.
  • Payload – The vehicle should be able to carry at least one Soldier (the driver) in full gear and house all added equipment. Accommodations for the load carried by the passenger(s) should also be addressed (e.g. storage for a rucksack/backpack).
  • Operation – The vehicle should have the ability to operate onboard electronic assets silently for as long as possible (target silent runtime: 4 hours, 8+ hours for overnight operation desirable).
  • Transportability – The Mobile Command Post will be used to support dismounted operations and will need to be easily transportable by helicopter, ground transport vehicle, and possibly air-droppable.

Solution Framework

1. Vehicle functions will be determined by community members choosing their top 4-6 pieces of equipment to add to the vehicle for maximum impact in the field.These additions can be commercially available products, military hardware, or custom-designed devices.
2. The community will determine the arrangement of the added equipment, considering system functionality, usability, stowage, ergonomics and human factors.
3. Equipment will be adapted to the vehicle through custom brackets/hardware and housed in enclosures that provide protection to maintain functionality.
4. Added weight beyond the vehicle’s original capacity (shown below) should be accommodated by modifying the vehicle (e.g. higher output alternator, upgraded suspension, etc.).
5. Major modifications to the vehicle frame and powertrain are discouraged.
6. Enhancements to the base vehicle’s storage capacity are encouraged and can take the form of extending the cargo area or the use of a towable trailer. Modifications should not diminish the drive capabilities of the vehicle.

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