Lighting up our Wildcat

Lighting up our Wildcat

Wildcat with Vision X Lights
Turbocharged Arctic Cat Wildcat

Turbocharged Arctic Cat Wildcat at Sand MountainTurbocharged Arctic Cat Wildcat at Sand MountainVision X Accent Lights

Vision X Light Cannons, LED Bar and accent lightsVision X Light Cannons, LED Bar and accent lightsVision X Light Cannons, LED Bar and accent lights

Vision X LED LightsVision X Light Canon and LED Light BarTurbo Arctic Cat Wildcat
Vision X – LED Light Cannon, LED Light Bar, Accent Lights

Vision X Xmitter Prime XP LED Bar

Xmitter Prime XP – The Xmitter Prime XP Bar achieves the farthest lighting distance and brightest output in the Vision X Light Bar lineup. This is due to the 5-watt LEDs that are placed much closer together on the circuit board than 10-watt LEDs allowing for greater optical control and therefore greatest distance. The Xmitter Prime also makes use of Prime Drive Technology which manages heat levels to prolong the life of the LEDs.

Vision X Light Cannon LED

Light Cannon LED – The first-ever 4.5″ Light Cannon LED light by Vision X Lighting, takes automotive lighting technology to extraordinary lengths by shining over 1000 feet of usable light from a single 25 watt LED. The intense 10 degree spot pattern Light Cannon is also like having 12 lights in 1! It enables optional Snap on polycarbonate cover filters to quickly change the beam pattern from Spot to Euro or Flood, while the colored filters (Clear, Blue, Amber, or Red) can improve visibility in various conditions. The universal single bolt mounting accompanied by an available wiring harness, provides a quick, traditional installation on a multitude of applications.

Tantrum Strobe LED

Tantrum Strobe LED – Tantrum kits are the ultimate strobe system on the market, featuring one of a kind LED pods that have lead the Tantrum kits to become popular for way more than just LED strobe kits for your car. Today Tantrum kits are found on the trails of Moab mounting to rock crawling jeeps, the dunes of Arizona for night time illumination where 55 watt fog lights used to be the norm, and in the Baja 1000 providing working light for night time repairs.

Vision X Flex-Motion Miniatures

Flex-Motion Miniatures – Vision X Flex-Motion Miniatures are completely flexible LED bars that even able to bend into complete circles and with Vision X’s advanced LED technology they are sure to be the best LED bars you’ve seen. The flexible 6″ and 12″ bars are designed to fit in the smallest of areas, even heater vents. Each kit includes to bars which are ready to be wired directly to 12 volts with easy 2 wire hookup.

LED Whip Lights

LED Whips – Sick-Stick.com 20 Key Remote System gives you:

  • 20 different colors
    19 different running patterns (auto, flash, jump & fade to name a few)
    adjustable speed
    adjustable brightness
    30′ Remote range

Backlit Rocker Switch
Lighted Rocker Switches –
UTV Inc.

Backlit Rocker Switches


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