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LANSING, Mich. – Aftermarket air suspension specialist Air Lift Company has debuted a new product line specifically for drivers of lifted trucks looking for load support solutions. For drivers of lifted pickups, the modified suspension dynamics are found to often compromise the towing and hauling capabilities of the vehicle. When placing a lift kit on a pickup, either the body of the truck will be raised or the height of the suspension components will be changed. These changes raise issues for drivers who are looking for load support solutions, as the additional height of the components is not supported.
The new Air Lift Universal Air Spring Spacers offer the solution that drivers of lifted trucks need. Available in 5 different configurations – 2-inch straight (52420), 4-inch straight (52440), 4-inch angled (52445), 6-inch straight (52460) and 6-inch angled (52465) – these spacers accommodate most lift kits, up to six inches.
The Air Spring Spacers are designed to work with all brands of bellows-style air springs, including Air Lift’s best-selling LoadLifter 5000(tm) series and the LoadLifter 7500(tm) XL. These spacers fill the gap created by adding a lift kit, attaching between the lower air spring bracket and the air spring itself.
The Universal Air Spring Spacers are built with high-grade 1/4-inch steel and are rated to handle more than 10 tons of force, making them tough enough to handle even the heaviest loads. Crafted with a unique spinal design, the spacers are easy to attach to any air spring application, using the provided hardware, and come with a fully illustrated instruction manual, making installation easy. 
With air springs equipped, drivers of lifted trucks will find that the towing and hauling capabilities of their vehicles are restored. Adding air springs to the vehicle will eliminate many common issues faced when towing and hauling heavy loads, including squat, poor headlight aim, trailer sway, and bottoming out. Drivers and passengers alike will find that handling, ride quality, and braking power are all greatly improved.
All Air Lift air spring spacers are backed by an industry-exclusive lifetime warranty which covers the entire contents of the kit, and the company also ensures satisfaction with a 60-day money back guarantee on load support air springs and on-board compressor systems.
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About Air Lift
    Air Lift Company, founded in 1949, is a third generation, family owned suspension specialty company based in Lansing, Michigan.  Air Lift is committed to engineering, manufacturing and selling the highest quality suspension products that fit, work and last.  Air Lift products are available at retailers across the country as well as internationally.  For more information, contact Air Lift Company by calling (800) 248-0892, or on the web at Follow Air Lift:, Instagram: @air_lift_performance or Twitter: @AirLiftCompany

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