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Air Ambulance Discount for ASA Supporting Members

Are you aware of the opportunity to support ASA and receive the benefits of air medical transport from the dunes in the event of an accident? If you upgrade your current ASA free general membership to that of an ASA Supporting Member ($25 per year) you are eligible for the following discounted package:

REACH and the American Sand Association are offering ASA Supporting Members a substantial discount on a REACH for Life membership! ASA Supporting Members can join REACH for Life for just $25 per year for an individual or family membership (regularly $40-$45 respectively).

Go to this link to view a list of frequently asked questions that will help you understand the REACH medical Air Transport Service. Please note that any of your family living under the same roof are covered under your REACH membership. If you have family members not living in your home this would make an excellent early Christmas present.

You can join REACH for Life online today at or call (866) 767-3224. ASA Supporting Members should select “American Sand Association-Supporting Member” from the pull down menu to take advantage of the $25 REACH for Life membership special. Non-supporting ASA members are encouraged to upgrade to Supporting Member status and take advantage of this special offer. If you are not an ASA Supporting Member, you can still get a discounted REACH for Life membership for $40 by selecting: “American Sand Association” from the pull down menu. If you’re already a REACH member and would like information about your rate, your discount or renewal information, please call REACH directly at (866) 767-3224.

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