Why Advertise on
Our website visitors are your target customers.  There is no shotgun approach to reaching potential customers because every online visitor is here because they are interested in UTVs. That is what we call a target-rich environment.

Pay only for what you want – We can set up your ads up so you pay for the exact number of ad views you would like each month.  Many other websites charge a flat rate for your banner to be rotated in, regardless to the number of banners in the rotation. Most of the advertising opportunities on UTV Guide utilize a very low-priced CPM (Cost Per Impression). In this you only pay for the amount of times your ad is actually viewed.

Great Traffic – UTV Guide sees a high number of unique visitors each day. And unlike many of the bulletin board sites on the web, has a very high percentage of first-time visitors.  This means you aren’t paying to have your ad seen by the same core group of posters every day.

Name Recognition – Consumers faced with too many choices will most often purchase the brand they recognize. By advertising here, you are building name recognition which will translate into sales.

Social Media – Social media is an important part of your overall marketing plan and we can help. Our Facebook page has over 80,000 likes and is located We pay special attention to those that advertise with us by sharing and liking your posts. Check it out and be sure to “Like” us. Twitter and Instagram pages are at @UTVGuide

UTV Industry News – We pay special attention to our sponsors on our news pages located at: ,, and Both and are sources for Google News.
Ad Formats:
We have two different types of advertising on and Based and Fixed Place.

Impression-based, or CPM (cost per thousand), advertising puts you in control of how much you wish to spend and precisely how many times your ad will be seen; it’s the most cost-effective way of getting your message out to visitors.

Fixed Place:

Fixed ads are sold on a monthly basis, and they do not rotate with other advertisers during the contracted term. Traffic numbers are not guaranteed, but choose a fixed position, and your ad will always appear exactly where you paid for it to appear. The only fixed-place ads we have are the 120×60 and 120×120 side column ads.


We can customize your ad campaign on any or all of the following websites:

 1. Run of site banner – Appears on the top of every page:
Impression-based ad.

Banners should in GIF or JPEG format and be no larger than 40 K in size to reduce page loading time. Animated GIFs are permitted, but must also adhere to the 40 K size limit. Maximum size is 728 x 90, but 468 x 60 is also supported.

IAB 728 x 90 Leaderboard

Alternate format:
468 x 60 banner

The run of site program places your banner in a general rotation in the header of every page throughout

We can start you out with as little as 20,000 impressions per month. Longer term contracts and higher impression numbers can reduced your cost.

This banner appears on the main website (top),  our UTV News (top) and our Blog (top).

Please contact us for placement and rate information.
2. Fixed Side Column – Appears on every page:
Fixed Logo Ads: Left Side Columns – Your fixed logo and hyperlink can be placed on sidebars throughout the website. Standard logo ads are sized at 120×60. Larger size and animated ads are also available. Please check with us for cost and placement. These ads have a constant link to your site, so this is a great way to juice up your Google rank.

  • 120 x 60 image on every page (except news and blog)


  • 120 x 120 image on every page (except news and blog)


3. Run of site Skyscrapers – Appears on most page (except bulletin board):
Longer term contracts and higher impression numbers can reduced your cost.

IAB 160 x 600Wide Skyscraper
Right ColumnAbove the fold or
Below the fold

5. Home page – Medium rectangle 300 x 250 ad.

6. Site Take Over
Do you have something to promote in a big way?

A. We can allow all ads of a specific format (e.g. 728×90) to be completely taken over by your ad for a brief period of time (typically 24 – 48 hours).

B. We can change the background of the website (reskin) from our normal background to something of your choosing for a period of time (typically 1 – 4 weeks).

Send an email to for more details.
7. Product Reviews – We test & review UTV products.  More details on our Product Reviewpage.

Ad Design ServicesNeed help creating an ad?  We’ve got you covered.

Payment – We accept PayPal and company checks. Sorry no credit cards.

For more information, please send an email to or call 916-849-7420 (Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm PST)